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Neverwinter Nights 1: Shadow of Undentide
Shadows of Undrentide expands on the core Neverwinter Nights by adding additional content. There are five prestige classes: Arcane Archer, Assassin, Blackguard, Harper...
2019-04-14 9:04:15 PM ● 1 views ● 2:31
Starcraft II: Heaven's Devils - Lost Transmission
Heaven’s Devils: Lost Transmissions will reveal previously unreleased communications between UNN reporters Max Speer and Michael Liberty. Each...
2019-04-14 8:17:51 PM ● 1 views ● 6:55
Diablo Archives: Demonsbane
Siggard, the only survivor of the battle of Entsteig, unable to remember the battle's final hours, is driven to avenge those slain by the army...
2019-04-14 6:00:34 PM ● 1 views ● 0:44
TES Adventures Redguard: The Origin Of Cyrus
A comic from Bethesda which provides a prelude to the events in Redguard. This comic tells the background story of the conflict between Redguard...
2019-04-14 4:44:00 PM ● 2 views ● 15:29
Final Fantasy II Ending
The game's story centers on four youths whose parents were killed during an army invasion by the empire of Palamecia, who are using hellspawn...
2019-04-11 7:36:07 PM ● 1 views ● 22:46
Guilty Gear XX Drama Cd: Night Of Knives
Guilty Gear XX Night of Knives vol. 1, 2 & 3, es una historia situada antes de Guilty Gear 1: The Missing Link. Zato, Venom y Millia son...
2019-04-10 7:49:30 PM ● 3 views ● 3:01
Castlevania: Legends Ending
The story begins in Transylvania in the year 1450. In the game, Sonia Belmont confront Dracula. She also meets Alucard who seeks revenge against...
2019-04-10 3:56:28 PM ● 3 views ● 8:41
Fatal Fury 2 Endings
After Geese Howard's death in the original Fatal Fury, a mysterious nobleman becomes the sponsor of the new "King of Fighters" tournament....
2019-04-10 1:25:54 PM ● 1 views ● 3:01
The Prince Of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame
Retro second game of Prince Of Persia. The game takes place eleven days after the events of the first game. During this period, the Prince was...
2018-12-07 7:59:32 PM ● 13 views ● 11:18
Kirby's Adventure Intro - Ending
La Fuente de los Sueños daba esperanzas y sueños a todos los seres vivos. También era la causante de que los seres vivos tuvieran sueños...
2018-10-18 2:29:08 PM ● 1 views ● 8:10