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The 10 foot terror from Tokyo! This channel is all about import Japanese gaming, arcades and everything awesome that I can get my hands on or capture with a camera.
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Shoreviewken! MUSHA Aleste (Mega Drive)
Reviewing the Compile 16-bit shooter classic MUSHA Aleste on the Sega Mega Drive. KS on Instagram - KS...
2019-03-21 9:06:33 AM ● 488 views ● 5:01 97.53% liked
Import Game of the Day | Cyberbots (Sega Saturn)
Today's dose of Japanese gaming goodness is an amazing 2-D fighter by Capcom featuring some great graphics, sound and GIANT ROBOTS! KS on Instagram...
2019-03-20 9:34:40 AM ● 795 views ● 3:00 99.11% liked
Sega, Capcom & SNK Merch in Akihabara!
In Akihabara there's a shop called Indor Store that specializes in retro gaming merchandise, and for the time being they're featuring lots of...
2019-03-19 9:00:53 AM ● 2,961 views ● 10:27 98.78% liked
Import Game of the Day | Konami Wai Wai World (Famicom)
Today's dose of Japanese gaming goodness is an 8-bit action platformer that combines all of the best of classic Konami! KS on Instagram -
2019-03-18 9:00:38 AM ● 721 views ● 2:52 100.00% liked
Ashley and myself pay a visit to my new favorite arcade in Tokyo, Mikado! It's loaded with retro goodness and a ton of fighting games! Check...
2019-03-16 9:00:17 AM ● 6,007 views ● 16:43 99.32% liked
Import Game of the Day | Urusei Yatsura: Lum's Wedding Bell (Famicom)
Today's dose of Japanese gaming goodness is the 1986 Famicom platformer based on the classic anime, Urusei Yatsura: Lum's Wedding Bell. KS on...
2019-03-15 10:08:02 AM ● 873 views ● 2:46 99.08% liked
Import Game of the Day | Faussete Amour (PC Engine CD)
Today's dose of Japanese gaming goodness is an action platformer with a pretty cool chain weapon and magic mechanic, it's Faussete Amour for...
2019-03-13 9:08:44 AM ● 868 views ● 2:51 98.95% liked
The Magnificent Kotobuki Shop in Akihabara
Having a look around in the Magnificent Kotobuki pop up shop at the Akihabara Container in Akihabara. Anime and WW2 era planes abound. Check...
2019-03-12 10:11:41 AM ● 2,697 views ● 13:43 98.41% liked
Import Game of the Day | Twinkle Star Sprites (Dreamcast)
Today's dose of Japanese gaming goodness is the insanely fun SHMUP/puzzle game hybrid, Twinkle Star Sprites! KS on Instagram -
2019-03-11 9:39:52 AM ● 899 views ● 2:50 97.70% liked
Picking Up More Gachapon in Akihabara!
Opening up a whole bunch more gachapon I've picked up recently, mostly from Akihabara. Check out my second channel! -
2019-03-09 8:00:54 AM ● 2,053 views ● 15:29 98.96% liked