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The 10 foot terror from Tokyo! This channel is all about import Japanese gaming, arcades and everything awesome that I can get my hands on or capture with a camera.
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Exploring My Tokyo Neighborhood (Book Off, Arcades and Shrines)
Exploring different areas of Ogikubo, the neighborhood of Tokyo that I currently live in. It's a great area of the city to unwind, grab a drink...
2019-01-13 8:02:23 AM ● 3,106 views ● 14:46 99.57% liked
Shoreviewken! Zero Gunner 2 (Dreamcast)
Reviewing one of the best shoot em ups on the Sega Dreamcast, Zero Gunner 2 by PsiKyo! #Dreamcast #shmup #RetroGaming KS on Twitter -
2019-01-10 8:29:36 AM ● 355 views ● 6:16 95.56% liked
AWESOME Puzzle Games LEFT IN JAPAN - KidShoryuken
Taking a look at 8 great puzzle games that were left in Japan, or at least theses particular ports were only released in Japan in some instances....
2019-01-08 8:00:30 AM ● 845 views ● 23:01 98.98% liked
Exploring Neo-Geo Land in Akihabara!
Having a look around in the ever so awesome Neo-Geo Land in Akihabara, the perfect shop for SNK fans. #SNK #NeoGeo #Akihabara KS on Twitter -...
2019-01-05 11:18:38 AM ● 5,147 views ● 13:53 99.71% liked
Shoreviewken! Marvel Super Heroes (Sega Saturn)
Reviewing the awesome Capcom/Marvel 2-D fighter, Marvel Super Heroes for the mighty Sega Saturn! #Marvel #Capcom #SegaSaturn KS on Twitter -...
2019-01-03 8:00:56 AM ● 468 views ● 6:11 100.00% liked
Picking Up Gachapon (Capsule Toys) in Akihabara
Picking up a few gacahapon/capsule toys in Akiahabara, and then taking them home to see just what I got. #Gachapon #Tokyo #Akihabara KS on Twitter...
2018-12-30 8:01:04 AM ● 1,186 views ● 11:26 99.15% liked
Akihabara Game Shops: Mak Japan
Taking a look inside of Mak Japan, a shop in Akihabara with everything the home arcade enthusiast could ever need. #Tokyo #Akihabara #RetroGaming...
2018-12-29 8:00:48 AM ● 1,398 views ● 10:18 96.88% liked
Shoreviewken! Do-Re-Mi Fantasy (Super Famicom)
Reviewing the awesome Japan exclusive 16-bit platformer by Hudson Soft, Do-Re-Mi Fantasy for the Super Famicom. #Nintendo #SNES #RetroGaming...
2018-12-27 8:31:30 AM ● 448 views ● 5:35 100.00% liked
Games That Give Me the Christmas Feels - KidShoryuken
Drinking some hot chocolate and reminiscing about some games that always get me in the holiday mood. #Christmas #RetroGaming #Nintendo Japan...
2018-12-25 2:16:23 AM ● 714 views ● 21:05 97.78% liked
With some time off from school and work for the holidays, I head down to Akihabara to snatch up some Famicom games and enjoy the Christmas vibes....
2018-12-22 8:13:05 AM ● 4,424 views ● 20:33 97.03% liked