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Justin Bieber Performs For Hailey Baldwin Outside Buckingham Palace - Jailey Goes to London
Getty ImagesRicky Vigil M Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin continued their tour of London today by hitting...
2018-09-18 8:57:12 PM ● 8 views ● 2:07 100.00% liked
Someone Please Explain "Fast Car" to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
In case you haven't checked the internet over the past two months, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are in love. They are so in love that they...
2018-09-18 8:39:45 PM ● 1 views ● 2:25
Justin Bieber Busks to Impress Hailey Baldwin Outside Buckingham Palace
Getty ImagesRicky Vigil M It's day two of alleged newlyweds Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's maybe-honeymoon, definite work trip to London....
2018-09-18 8:24:46 PM ● 1 views ● 1:22
Justin Bieber Serenades Hailey Baldwin in the Streets of London
Ricky Vigil M/GC Images Justin Bieber showed just how romantic he could be when he serenaded Hailey Baldwin on the streets of London on Tuesday....
2018-09-18 4:58:33 PM ● 23 views ● 1:22 0.00% liked
Hailey Baldwin snuggles up to Justin Bieber on London Eye
Published: 15:13 EDT, September 20 | Updated: :07 EDT, September 20 Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin dropped the bombshell that Justin Bieber and...
2018-09-18 4:42:19 PM ● 3 views ● 5:43
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Made Out After She Shut Down Those Marriage Rumors
Getty ImagesJames Devaney Advertisement - Continue Reading Below As if their summer romance wasn't enough of a rollercoaster, last week Justin...
2018-09-18 4:06:02 PM ● 0 views ● 1:40
You Won't Believe How Much Justin Bieber's Hair Has Changed
Justin Bieber has spent the past 10 years of his life in the spotlight, starting at age 14. That about covers his formative adolescent years,...
2018-09-18 3:48:48 PM ● 0 views ● 1:31
A timeline of everything we know about Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber potentially being married
With various conflicting reports, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber may or may not be married. Bieber asked Baldwin to be his wife in July while...
2018-09-18 3:31:30 PM ● 0 views ● 2:43
A Timeline of The Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Marriage Reports - Are Justin and Hailey Married?
Getty ImagesAlessio Botticelli Advertisement - Continue Reading Below On the off chance you haven't been on the internet since last Friday, Justin...
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Wendy Williams to Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin's Too Young For You, Bro!
Wendy Williams has a long history of saying the worst possible thing in every imaginable scenario. But amazingly, she might find that a large...
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