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About BlankTV

BlankTV is the Net's largest, DIY, free, uncensored music video site, featuring videos and live clips spanning the past thirty years of punk, hardcore, metal, indie and underground music.

We grew up in the Boston hardcore scene in the 1980's - that's the music that inspired us, saved us and changed our lives. That love of music drove the creation of our punk and hardcore website BlankTV in 1999, a way to trade live band videos with other punks online. We started getting traffic and we grew from there. We made the jump to YouTube and decided to expand our featured genres to include other styles of music due to the overwhelming number of submissions that didn’t fit within punk rock. BlankTV is an inclusive community for all music lovers.

We’ve been at this for 20 years and we hope to continue connecting our audience with their next favorite artist for many years to come.

Not bad for a couple of idiot teens from Boston with two laptops, a couch and a dream.

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