Yolanda Kikou Yobrolli bogard The Queen of Brolys

Yolanda Kikou Yobrolli bogard The Queen of Brolys

United States
United States
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About Yolanda Kikou Yobrolli bogard The Queen of Brolys

age 26 i'm a black Female musclegirl content creator StarMaker singer leader of Brolyarmy saiyan clone of Broly Yolanda kikou Cammy from Universe 50 adults only

Yobrolli Bogard a clone of Yolanda kikou Broly Cammy white by the evil insane scientist Dr.Plotline who created her to kill all who stand in her way for power and become stronger

after meeting Yolanda kikou has a change of heart she teams up with Yolanda kikou on a Quest to restore peace to the world going from a destructive clone to a kind hearted anti-hero to seeks redemption and 5 years became Queen of Brolys.


1.No asking for shout outs follows or subs Only people i know, follow and subs.

2.Only 18 years old and older are allowed on my channel.

3.I only add people I know on my psn and xbox.

4.Be respectful to my friends older brother viewers and mods if not you will be banned from my channel and social medias.

5.No spam no self-promote links don't ask me the same question over and over it gives me an headache.

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