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Hello everybody of YouTube. My name is Fireblade and I'm here to make videos for you to watch. I'm a Live streamer on YouTube and Twitch.
YouTube is for any games while on Twitch its any RPG games like pokemon.
I don't have a set time for stream but it will always be after 4:00 pm.
I'm not just a live streamer, I'm also a animator who uses MMD.
Most of my animation will be of Achievement Hunter but there will be a few that are different.

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Little witch academia "What If" | Akko & Diana personality swap
This was recorded months ago. This is loosely based on blee-bleep's reversed AU. All art shown are from Blee-Bleep. Link to the tumblr:
2019-03-15 6:19:50 PM ● 17 views ● 22:25 100.00% liked
Crossover Idea: OHS & DBZ:  Part 1 -When You Thought You've Seen It All-
This crossover is Ouran High School Host Club and Dragon Ball Z. This is kind of a continuation of the fanfic with the same name. The thumbnail...
2018-12-29 10:13:31 AM ● 140 views ● 22:23 100.00% liked
Crossover Idea: LWA & DB: Part 1 -The path to magic-
This crossover is Little witch Academia and the Dragon Ball Saga. Starting at the beginning with Chariot Du Nord. How her being a saiyan can...
2018-10-30 8:42:12 PM ● 125 views ● 13:45 100.00% liked
[MMD] Why are you naked (DBZ Abridged)
A new animation!!! A month without a video. Work has been taking my time to make animation. I get to tired after work that I just want to relax....
2018-09-24 7:08:17 PM ● 866 views ● 1:02 100.00% liked
[MMD] RWBY x Dragon Maid Voice actors needed
The Cast List Playlist link
2018-08-13 7:29:29 PM ● 241 views ● 1:49 83.33% liked
[MMD] Ruby's Mother Figure (Avatar: The last airbender)
I've always like the Idea that Ruby saw Yang as a mother and this scene from avatar was perfect. I want a scene like this in the actual show.....
2018-08-03 7:44:36 PM ● 756 views ● 1:30 100.00% liked
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Live stream Preview (with voice over))
Preview starts at 1:33
2018-07-06 9:55:36 PM ● 39 views ● 5:17
[Stream Highlight] Bioshock 2 Remastered: Part 1
2018-06-25 5:48:09 PM ● 75 views ● 5:42
[MMD] I need an adult (DBZ Abridged)
2 months without an original animation all because of "What if's" and "Crossover Ideas". Add in the fact that I got LoZ Breath...
2018-06-19 9:13:15 PM ● 1,611 views ● 0:40 98.00% liked
RWBY 'What If' | Ravin stayed with Tai and Yang
The picture in the thumbnail is made by arusuzuki on deviantart. Most "what if" are with Ravin taking Yang with her. This is a bit...
2018-06-06 6:36:57 PM ● 252 views ● 20:11 100.00% liked