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As Canada's national public news and information service, the CBC is committed to a set of values that include accuracy, fairness, balance, impartiality and integrity.
Since the 1930s, CBC News services have kept Canadians at home and abroad informed about their communities, their country and the world. CBC/Radio-Canada is the country’s largest news organization, employing several hundred journalists in Canada and around the globe. Our stories appear on CBC Television, CBC Radio, the CBC News Network, CBCNews.ca and other digital platforms.

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McGill Redmen getting new name
Montreal's McGill University has announced it will change the name of its men's varsity sports teams after calls from Indigenous students, faculty...
2019-04-12 10:45:59 AM ● 181 views ● 2:50 35.71% liked
Question Period: SNC-Lavalin affair debate continues — April 12, 2019
Today in question period the Liberal government faced opposition demands to proceed with a Justin Trudeau's threatened lawsuit regarding statements...
2019-04-12 10:12:04 AM ● 558 views ● 53:20 83.87% liked
Doctors warn some adults need booster shots
People born in Canada between 1970 and 1996 may need an extra dose of vaccine for highly contagious infectious diseases, such as measles, particularly...
2019-04-12 7:09:28 AM ● 648 views ● 6:53 58.33% liked
NASA twins study reveals space flight can cause genetic changes
Astronaut Scott Kelly's body sometimes reacted strangely to spending nearly a year in orbit, at least compared to his Earth-bound identical twin....
2019-04-12 6:40:07 AM ● 603 views ● 3:42 89.13% liked
Ontario Premier Doug Ford unveils his first budget
Ontario's Premier Doug Ford has unveiled the government's first budget, which includes a plan to get back to balance by 2023-24, no major spending...
2019-04-12 5:21:04 AM ● 983 views ● 42:46 75.00% liked
Refugee advocates criticize proposed asylum changes
Refugee advocates and civil rights groups are criticizing the federal Liberal government's proposed changes to the rules around asylum claims....
2019-04-12 5:10:04 AM ● 1,098 views ● 14:03 32.81% liked
"We're living in a war zone": crews tear down mobile park homes
"We're living in a war zone," says a resident of a Surrey, B.C. mobile park where crews are tearing down homes, despite people having...
2019-04-12 4:56:34 AM ● 1,138 views ● 2:05 79.31% liked
Julian Assange's arrest sets a dangerous precedent, says author
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police on Thursday at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he'd been holed up since 2012 after...
2019-04-11 2:37:05 PM ● 29,010 views ● 8:04 76.72% liked
Question Period— Debate continues on SNC-Lavalin lawsuit threat - April 11, 2019
Today in question period the Liberal government faced opposition demands to proceed with a Justin Trudeau's threatened lawsuit regarding statements...
2019-04-11 1:18:15 PM ● 12,735 views ● 52:41 76.43% liked
Alberta Election: Everything you want to know
Election day in Alberta is April 16, just a few days away. CBC's Chris Hall in Calgary and Kim Trynacity in Edmonton are taking your questions....
2019-04-11 11:39:29 AM ● 5,486 views ● 33:33 73.53% liked