World Animal Awareness Society

World Animal Awareness Society

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United States
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About World Animal Awareness Society

An International, Award-Winning, Innovative, Science And Story-Telling Non Profit Supporting A Global Animal Welfare Community Through; Consultation, Program Creation, And Volunteer Service. Fierce Advocates For People Helping To Save Animals!. World Animal Awareness Society + World Animal Rescue Network (WARN) = WA2S Films

WA2S Films is about the animals people save and the people saving them, and more. We chose film because we believe it’s the most powerful way to share these stories and ideas. We also love making movies, and love that the process – the people we meet, the research we do, the conversations we have, the stories we get to share – brings us so much hope to offset the grief we feel about what’s happening in our world. Through movies, we can share that hope, with the aim of inspiring change in people’s lives and creating a better world. #WA2SFilms

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