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Classic retro game room, awesome gaming pickups, reviews gameplays, how to's and more! Systems, games and accesories from all generations; sega master system, megadrive, cd, genesis, 32x, saturn, dreamcast, nintendo entertainment system, snes, n64, wii, gameboy advance, ds, 3ds, sony playstation, ps2, ps3, psp, ps vita, philips cdi, panasonic 3do, atari jaguar, lynx, 2600 and more! Often critical, always opinionated, its Classic Retro Game Room! Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest videos!

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Triple M Pickups Monday Megadrive Mcdonalds
Monday night pickups, sega megadrive, mcdonald's happy meal toy, all on a monday night, also don't forget to checkout the new office tour!
2018-02-19 1:52:16 PM ● 22 views ● 4:32 100.00% liked
Gaming And Editing Setup Office Room Tour
An update of the setup in my home office, used for gaming, editing, streaming an occasionally some actual grown up things. Featuring, audio,...
2018-02-17 1:42:49 PM ● 43 views ● 14:03 100.00% liked
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition PS3 Unfiltered Gameplay
Me playing street fighter 3 3rd strike online with the filters off on sony playstation 3 ps3.
2018-02-13 1:01:08 PM ● 25 views ● 17:18 100.00% liked
Pickups 2 Sega Saturn And 1 Sega Mega CD Game
Turns out i didn't get scammed on ebay. In this video I pickup 1 new sega mega cd game and 2 sega saturn games towards my full pal sega saturn...
2018-02-09 12:21:13 PM ● 36 views ● 4:23 100.00% liked
I Got Scammed Kind Of 2 Sega Saturn Games And A Mega CD Pickup
Did i get scammed on ebay when buying sega mega cd and saturn games? find out in this latest pickup video.
2018-02-07 12:21:50 PM ● 57 views ● 7:29 100.00% liked
Daytona USA Champion Circuit Edition Sega Saturn Tuesday Night Gameplay Session
Just me playing Daytona USA Champion Circuit Edition for the Sega Saturn. Great arcade racing fun from Sega, captured on real Sega Saturn Hardware...
2018-02-06 3:10:46 PM ● 49 views ● 27:59 100.00% liked
Road To A Full Sega Saturn Collection Pickup On A Monday
In this video I pickup 1 more game towards my full pal Sega Saturn Collection. Don't forget to watch the Top 10 Sega Saturn Games In My Collection...
2018-02-05 12:47:03 PM ● 59 views ● 5:57 100.00% liked
Sega Megadrive Streets Of Rage 2 Playthrough Start To Finish Livestream
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600 CPU @ 3.50GHz Memory: 32 GB RAM (31.95 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1080,...
2018-02-03 3:29:55 PM ● 47 views ● 1:01:32 100.00% liked
Rage (2011)
New Channel Schedule What Do You Think CRGR, awesome gaming pickups, reviews gameplays, how to's and more! Systems, games and accesories from all...
2018-02-01 12:53:25 PM ● 34 views ● 5:13 100.00% liked
A Kind Of Weird Pickup
Today I was given something very weird, kind of Sega Megadrive but also kind of Mortal Kombat but not quite either. Don't forget to also checkout...
2018-01-29 2:07:45 PM ● 55 views ● 3:52 100.00% liked