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About Segata Ichigo, The Tenkaichi

Underrated Games is the home of video games that fall under the radar of the video game universe. Where there are lesser known games, that's where I'll be, playing them and promote a new awareness for gamers of every generation.
The LPs provided here are for entertainment and NOT for skill, so leave your expectations outside, kick back and chill!

What's there to say about me? Well I'm a casual gamer just mainly having fun with what I play, no matter what. I'm also an accomplished author and entrepreneur. This channel is also dedicated to my mother...

Currently working on (for 2018/19):

Hokuto ga Gotoku
Ryu ga Gotoku 0
Toukiden Kiwami
Shining Force Neo
Shining in the Darkness
Princess Minerva
Phantasy Star Universe
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device
The Punisher (2003)

(*Weekend LPs*)

PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube are now added to the list. Newly added: PS4

PSN: RiderTenkai114

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