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About Izzimus Prime, The Tenkaichi

Underrated Games is the home of video games that fall under the radar of the video game universe. Where there are lesser known games, that's where I'll be, playing them and promote a new awareness for gamers of every generation.
The LPs provided here are for entertainment and NOT for skill, so leave your expectations outside, kick back and chill!

What's there to say about me? Well I'm a casual gamer just mainly having fun with what I play, no matter what. I'm also an accomplished author and entrepreneur. This channel is also dedicated to my mother...

Currently working on (for 2018):
Comicame-whole summer

Dragon Ball Z Gaiden
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
Princess Minerva
Chrono Trigger DS
Legend of Heracles
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device
Soul Blazer
Illusion of Gaia

(*Weekend LPs*)

PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube are now added to the list. Newly added: PS4

PSN: RiderTenkai114

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Let's Play Albert Odyssey #4-Mikeana
After fighting off the Harpy, they not only gain access to Mikeana, but they also get the Ring of Light and also Neumann gets his upgrade.
2018-12-13 2:40:32 AM ● 2 views ● 46:56
Let's Play Albert Odyssey #3-Harpy Hunting
Down south from Noirato lies the mountain town of Mikeana and in order to reach there, the team must beat the Harpy that blocks their path (among...
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Let's Play Sam & Max 202 #6-Tri-Enforced
Triangles pop out of nowhere..a vacation to Easter Island, and Talking Moai..and that's just the start.
2018-12-11 6:33:38 PM ● 2 views ● 28:26 100.00% liked
Let's Play Albert Odyssey #2-Slay
After delivering the Golem's head to the King, he sends Albert and party to Noraito with letter in hand to gather the only other survivor of...
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Let's Play Sam & Max 201 #5-Santa Me Gummi Ten Say
It's the gift that keeps on giving...or is it?
2018-12-10 6:04:13 PM ● 8 views ● 8:49 100.00% liked
Let's Play Sam & Max 201 #4-It's A Freakin' Sam & Max Christmas Miracle!
Save the Glove, Save the World
2018-12-10 11:51:04 AM ● 5 views ● 29:44 100.00% liked
Let's Play Albert Odyssey #1-The Odyssey Begins
(Sidenote: While patched, the game has partial English..most of the story will be told through OC translated script, thank you.) A war broke...
2018-12-10 1:18:39 AM ● 11 views ● 1:10:28 100.00% liked
Let's Play Samurai Warriors 4 #41-Oshu's Punishment (Tohoku)
After ruling Oshu, Masamune decides to defy Hideyoshi. SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00919_00
2018-12-08 6:17:15 PM ● 4 views ● 30:01 100.00% liked
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Let's Play Samurai Warriors 4 #40-Conflict at Koriyama (Tohoku)
With the death of Terumune, the allies turned against the Date and now Oshu is up for grabs. SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00919_00...
2018-12-08 5:16:21 PM ● 2 views ● 29:29
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Let's Play Samurai Warriors 4 #39-Battle of Hitotoribashi (Tohoku)
In a move of betrayal, Teramune Date was taken by one of his vassals and it's up to Masamune and Kojuro to save him while fighting through a...
2018-12-08 4:15:29 PM ● 2 views ● 24:15
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