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About Izzimus Prime, The Tenkaichi

Underrated Games is the home of video games that fall under the radar of the video game universe. Where there are lesser known games, that's where I'll be, playing them and promote a new awareness for gamers of every generation.
The LPs provided here are for entertainment and NOT for skill, so leave your expectations outside, kick back and chill!

What's there to say about me? Well I'm a casual gamer just mainly having fun with what I play, no matter what. I'm also an accomplished author and entrepreneur. This channel is also dedicated to my mother...

Currently working on (for 2018):
Comicame-whole summer

Dragon Ball Z Gaiden
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
Princess Minerva
Chrono Trigger DS
Legend of Heracles
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device
Soul Blazer
Illusion of Gaia

(*Weekend LPs*)

PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube are now added to the list. Newly added: PS4

PSN: RiderTenkai114

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PI7 Novel Plays: Clannad (Session 3)
The weirdness with family and friends
2018-08-18 4:31:19 PM ● 3 views ● 40:28
Let's Play Tales of Symphonia #38-Shadow
Despite how annoying this dungeon was, Shadow tests the team's resolve and after joining, we have to say goodbye to Tethe'alla for a time.
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Let's Play Tales of Symphonia #37-Invitation to Darkness
Slowly, I'm getting it all together. Next part, we form a pact with Shadow.
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Let's Play Tales of Symphonia #36-Reaching the Temple of Darkness
This is by far a three part run of the most annoying of the Summon Spirit temples and it is one of the last of Tethe'alla's as well.
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Let's Play Shining Force Neo #20-The Slow Descent
Upon reaching Hyatt, the team meets with its king and apparently Mariel whom Max has heard so much from his master. And they must steel themselves...
2018-08-16 3:47:29 PM ● 1 views ● 1:41:17
Let's Play Shining in the Darkness #4-The Orb of Truth
Not so much in the Cave of Courage, we do find the boss, the Tortalyde and take it down in one turn, and show off what the Orb of Truth does....
2018-08-16 4:05:32 AM ● 3 views ● 35:17
Let's Play Tales of Symphonia #35-El Presidente Takes The Stage!
Funny how Rodyle's death links a lot of goings on in Altamira, to which Regal feels responsible for.
2018-08-15 7:39:20 PM ● 4 views ● 54:48
Let's Play Shining in the Darkness #3-The Cave of Strength
Considering that the crew have to reach inside the Labyrinth, four trials will test them by way of strength, courage, wisdom and truth. In this...
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Let's Play Tales of Symphonia #34-Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...
Lloyd teams up with Botta and Yuan as they attempt to stop the Remote Island Ranch from harvesting more humans for Exspheres and they run into...
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Let's Play Shining in the Darkness #2-Shining Farce
Max finds some evidence after taking down the Kaiserkrab in the ground level of the Labyrinth and returns to the castle and upon returning, the...
2018-08-14 4:25:51 AM ● 6 views ● 57:27 100.00% liked