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For people curious about what I do to record my videos:

I record my gameplay with a DVD Recorder and convert them with DVDFab. The gameplay videos are of me playing. Videos that say "Gameplay" on the title are mostly trailers. DVDFab 7 or 8 are the best for videos. I set my TV contrast to "Normal". I really don't like editing the screen contrast. The reason some of my older videos are louder and some parts of the screen are not shown that well is because I did not crop them correctly. DVDFab had some of them zoomed in a little, mainly the ones from 2009. Some of the audio was a bit odd, too. That is fixed in my newer videos. For 3DS and DS stuff, I use a capture board from here: 3dscaptureboard.com

As for Wii U titles, I use AVerMedia Game Capture HD II.

This channel is meant for Playthroughs (which I only do now) without commentary. I don't upload commercials anymore because I don't want to run into any additional copyright issues, but I'll keep up the ads I already uploaded.

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Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 27 (EXTRA #8 - Hinozall Awoken, Enma Palace, and the Three Watches!)
In this video, we complete one of the toughest Quests in the game, do a few missions at Enma Palace in the Blasters T mode, and do the final...
2019-03-11 8:32:01 AM ● 603 views ● 3:52:43 100.00% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 26 (EXTRA #7 - Pyramid of Clu and the Cluphinx!)
In this video, we finish all of the main stages for every section of the Cluphinx and the Pyramid of Clu in the Blasters T mode! On top of that,...
2019-03-10 10:25:57 AM ● 1,080 views ● 6:19:04 100.00% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 25 (EXTRA #6 - Statue of Clunubis!)
In this video, we complete the main stages of the Statue of Clunubis in Blaster T mode! I tried so hard to get a Dismarelda.. glad it finally...
2019-03-09 1:24:10 AM ● 1,108 views ● 1:50:29 100.00% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 24 (EXTRA #5 - Temple of Clusis and the Tomb of King Clupharaon!)
In this part, we awaken the memories of the remaining Cluvaliths, do every main level of the Temple of Clusis, and finish every main level of...
2019-03-07 1:03:26 PM ● 1,226 views ● 2:12:34 100.00% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 23 (EXTRA #4 - The Generals and Ancient Enma!)
NOTE: To save you guys the headache, I did all of the other Suspicious Room runs off-screen. It took nearly three hours to warp to the last area...
2019-03-07 5:11:12 AM ● 7,009 views ● 5:35:59 89.61% liked
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Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 22 (EXTRA #3 - Cluvian Keyhole and Torneyedo!)
In this part, we get started on the Blasters T mode, completing the four main levels of the Cluvian Keyhole. Afterwards, we do a few quests and...
2019-03-03 9:27:56 PM ● 2,028 views ● 4:31:00 96.97% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 21 (EXTRA #2 - The Terminyanator, Plundros, and Hinozall!)
In this part, we read up on Columbakat, make a nyan out of Greynyan, solve some issues between the Oni King and his daughter, give Tomnyan the...
2019-03-02 11:33:11 AM ● 3,856 views ● 3:52:56 94.44% liked
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Mario Tennis Aces Playthrough Part 14 (EXTRA #11 - Pauline!)
In this video, I show off the character who can be unlocked by participating in the March Online Tournament, Mayor Pauline! She's EXTREMELY fun...
2019-02-28 7:05:10 PM ● 15,108 views ● 21:35 98.38% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 20 (EXTRA #1 - Chocobonyan, Gates of Whimsy, and Koalanyan!)
NOTE: To avoid copyright issues, I uploaded Directator's trailer to Dailymotion: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x73792x In this video, we...
2019-02-28 3:36:17 PM ● 3,084 views ● 3:14:59 90.48% liked
Yo-kai Watch 3 Playthrough Part 19 (FINALE)
NOTE: Like the last two parts, to avoid copyright issues, I uploaded this game's credits to Dailymotion. You can watch them here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x732zri...
2019-02-26 2:10:54 PM ● 4,263 views ● 2:13:03 100.00% liked