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Kha Yhal is an Indonesian YouTube content creator with 837 subscribers. He published at least 3.04 thousand videos which altogether total around 546.31 thousand views.

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-09-01VALORANT SHORT 1033 close range shot0:48242Valorant
2023-09-01VALORANT SHORT 1028 ALL MAP ALL GUN0:39164Valorant
2023-09-01VALORANT SHORT 993 ALL MAP AIM SIGHT ARES1:0046Valorant
2023-09-01VALORANT SHORT 409 SHOCK KILL HH1:000Valorant
2023-08-31valorant 240 neon, split, epic come back7:462Valorant
2023-08-31VALORANT SHORT 966 ALL GUN DOUBLE KILL 20:4316Valorant
2023-08-31VALORANT SHORT 956 ALL IN GUN0:5737Valorant
2023-08-31VALORANT SHORT 955 ALL MAP SPECTRE 20:49122Valorant
2023-08-30VALORANT SHORT 962 ARES MULTI KILL 10:4721Valorant
2023-08-30VALORANT SHORT 960 ALL MAP GHOST 10:5064Valorant
2023-08-30VALORANT SHORT 958 ALL IN GUN 30:5732Valorant
2023-08-29valorant 239 sova,pearl, sniper tercepat7:3143Valorant
2023-08-29VALORANT SHORT 964 PHANTOM DOUBLE KILL 10:4022Valorant
2023-08-29VALORANT SHORT 963 GHOST MULTI KILL 10:4034Valorant
2023-08-29VALORANT SHORT 978 ABILITY0:5265Valorant
2023-08-28VALORANT SHORT 976 WTF0:091,821Valorant
2023-08-28VALORANT SHORT 953 ALL MAP PHANTOM AIM 10:5922Valorant
2023-08-27valorant 238 brimstone, haven, sovaNya udah capek gendong mereka9:4811Valorant
2023-08-27VALORANT SHORT 977 WTF0:0945Valorant
2023-08-27VALORANT SHORT 961 ALL IN GUN 40:4538Valorant
2023-08-27VALORANT SHORT 965 ALL GUN DOUBLE KILL 10:4395Valorant
2023-08-26VALORANT SHORT 959 ALL MAP CLASSIC 10:5038Valorant
2023-08-26VALORANT SHORT 957 ALL IN GUN 20:5739Valorant
2023-08-26VALORANT SHORT 931 Spike down0:3886Valorant
2023-08-26VALORANT SHORT 950 ASCENT ODIN AIM 10:5119Valorant
2023-08-25valorant 237 sage, facture, serimu berhenti di 7 dan dramatic end11:3024Valorant
2023-08-25VALORANT SHORT 952 ALL MAP PHANTOM 10:59152Valorant
2023-08-25VALORANT SHORT 948 ALL MAP ODIN AIM 10:5829Valorant
2023-08-25VALORANT SHORT 925 Recap kill0:4338Valorant
2023-08-24VALORANT SHORT 975 WTF0:14360Valorant
2023-08-24VALORANT SHORT 954 ALL MAP SPECTRE 10:5573
2023-08-24VALORANT SHORT 949 ALL MAP ODIN AIM 20:5123Valorant
2023-08-23valorant 236 sova,lotus, pertarungan super alot9:348Valorant
2023-08-23VALORANT SHORT 951 ASCENT PHANTOM 10:5992Valorant
2023-08-23VALORANT SHORT 947 ALL MAP ODIN 10:48238Valorant
2023-08-23VALORANT SHORT 894 Close range shot0:45223Valorant
2023-08-22VALORANT SHORT 974 WTF0:1619Valorant
2023-08-22VALORANT SHORT 946 ALL MAP GUARDIAN 11:0020Valorant
2023-08-22VALORANT SHORT 902 BLIND SHOT0:3819Valorant
2023-08-21valorant 235 chyper,bind, noob level 29:5712Valorant
2023-08-21VALORANT SHORT 945 ALL MAP VANDAL 21:0026Valorant
2023-08-21VALORANT SHORT 944 ALL MAP ARES AIM 30:50110Valorant
2023-08-21VALORANT SHORT 943 ALL MAP VANDAL 11:0083Valorant
2023-08-20VALORANT SHORT 942 ALL MAP ARES AIM 20:5034Valorant
2023-08-20VALORANT SHORT 932 ALL ABOUT SPIKE0:38162Valorant
2023-08-20VALORANT SHORT 919 Next guy kill0:4090Valorant
2023-08-19valorant 234 chyper,pearl, noob skor 39:304Valorant
2023-08-19VALORANT SHORT 1030 JUMP DEATH0:5027Valorant
2023-08-19VALORANT SHORT 973 WTF0:1720Valorant
2023-08-19VALORANT SHORT 941 ALL MAP ARES AIM 10:5982Valorant
2023-08-19VALORANT SHORT 900 PISTOL KILL0:3541Valorant
2023-08-18VALORANT SHORT 917 PISTOL KILL0:3593Valorant
2023-08-18VALORANT SHORT 940 ALL MAP ARES 11:0035Valorant
2023-08-18VALORANT SHORT 929 Close range shot0:4245Valorant
2023-08-17valorant 233 brimstone,facture, simple 10 109:124Valorant
2023-08-17VALORANT SHORT 939 HAVEN ARES AIM 10:5885Valorant
2023-08-17VALORANT SHORT 972 WTF0:19181Valorant
2023-08-17VALORANT SHORT 930 Long shot0:42139Valorant
2023-08-16VALORANT SHORT 938 FRACTURE CLASSIC 11:0016Valorant
2023-08-16VALORANT SHORT 923 Recap kill0:40247Valorant
2023-08-16VALORANT SHORT 916 PISTOL KILL0:3816Valorant
2023-08-15valorant 228 cypher,bind, alot 1211:0019Valorant
2023-08-15VALORANT SHORT 937 FRACTURE SPECTRE 11:00151Valorant
2023-08-15VALORANT SHORT 928 Long shot0:4229Valorant
2023-08-15VALORANT SHORT 912 ulty deadlock0:332,044Valorant
2023-08-14VALORANT SHORT 936 FRACTURE ARES AIM 11:0038Valorant
2023-08-14VALORANT SHORT 915 PISTOL KILL0:3855Valorant
2023-08-14VALORANT SHORT 910 DOUBLE DEATH0:54146Valorant
2023-08-13valorant 232 sage,bind, noob skor 37:5420Valorant
2023-08-13VALORANT SHORT 971 WTF0:2210Valorant
2023-08-13VALORANT SHORT 935 FRACTURE VANDAL 11:00127Valorant
2023-08-13VALORANT SHORT 927 Long shot0:4219Valorant
2023-08-12VALORANT SHORT 914 PISTOL KILL0:4232Valorant
2023-08-12VALORANT SHORT 934 SPLIT VANDAL 11:0034Valorant
2023-08-12VALORANT SHORT 901 Recap kill0:4728Valorant
2023-08-11valorant 231 cypher,split, nge BOM PAKE FLASBANG HAHAHAHAA12:2916Valorant
2023-08-11VALORANT SHORT 970 HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY0:4510Valorant
2023-08-11VALORANT SHORT 933 BIND VANDAL 10:5871Valorant
2023-08-11VALORANT SHORT 926 Long shot0:4225Valorant
2023-08-10VALORANT SHORT 897 BLIND SHOT0:3493Valorant
2023-08-10VALORANT SHORT 878 PISTOL KILL0:3321Valorant
2023-08-10VALORANT SHORT 875 OP0:5384Valorant
2023-08-10VALORANT SHORT 872 SHOT the BACK0:35121Valorant
2023-08-09valorant 230 brimstone, haven, mudah saja yang satu ini6:3143Valorant
2023-08-09VALORANT SHORT 924 Recap kill0:4026Valorant
2023-08-09VALORANT SHORT 921 KILLING FROM THE SIDE0:47128Valorant
2023-08-09VALORANT SHORT 913 ulty sova0:33151Valorant
2023-08-09VALORANT SHORT 890 Long shot1:0021Valorant
2023-08-08VALORANT SHORT 922 Recap kill0:4944Valorant
2023-08-08VALORANT SHORT 9200:47164Valorant
2023-08-08VALORANT SHORT 918 Next guy kill0:4416Valorant
2023-08-08VALORANT SHORT 893 Long shot1:0031Valorant
2023-08-07valorant 227 neon, bind, strategi menunggu neon11:0166Valorant
2023-08-07VALORANT SHORT 911 ulty bazoka & ability0:5034Valorant
2023-08-07VALORANT SHORT 909 DOUBLE DEATH0:4780Valorant
2023-08-07VALORANT SHORT 895 Close range shot0:4353Valorant
2023-08-07VALORANT SHORT 889 Long shot0:5984Valorant
2023-08-06VALORANT SHORT 908 MULTI KILL0:5789Valorant
2023-08-06VALORANT SHORT 907 Shot gun kill0:2257Valorant
2023-08-06VALORANT SHORT 896 Close range shot0:5296Valorant