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Competently incompetent game-play, featuring the adventures of Doug and Charles in a variety of genres.
Contains strong language, sexual references and some really bad puns.

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Watt Are You Doing? - Steelers @ Saints - Madden 19 (#2)
Will this be a Brees for Doug, or Watt can Charles do to stop him? Find out in this game of Madden 19... Please feel free to like, comment and...
2019-01-27 5:00:02 AM ● 3 views ● 22:14
Trials Fusion - Horsing Around
Charles and Doug laugh until it hurts while trying out the Unicorn MkII in Trials Fusion. Make sure to give this video a like, hit the subscribe...
2019-01-20 1:24:39 PM ● 7 views ● 4:21
Fake Punts Galore - Falcons @ Vikings - Madden 19 (#1)
Will Doug be Thielen it, or will Charles fake punt his way to victory? Find out in this game of Madden 19... Please feel free to like, comment...
2018-12-02 5:00:02 AM ● 17 views ● 26:09
Outlast Highlights - I Don't Want To Do This Anymore
Sodge Gaming returns after it's re-branding with highlights from Charles and Doug's play-through of the beginning of Outlast in this Halloween...
2018-10-31 10:40:59 PM ● 19 views ● 4:00 100.00% liked
Outlast (2013)