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Hi! I'm Baron and I upload daily Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay or TABS for short, as well as Ravenfield, Ancient Warfare 2, Raft and other indie video games! Lately I've been enjoying Happy Room and io games like Krew and Deeeep. I'm excited for Conan as well. TABS has to be one of my favorite games right now.

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NOAH's ARK Strategy!  FUNNIEST thing in Sea of Thieves (Sea of Thieves Gameplay)
Sea of Thieves Multiplayer Gameplay - NOAHS Ark Strategy (Sea of Thieves Release - Ep 13) - Merchant Guild Quests, Gold! Pirate Buddy Blitz:...
2018-03-22 1:31:16 PM ● 20,194 views ● 17:33 98.43% liked
Let's Play Turmoil NEW DLC - The Heat is On Part 2 - Oil Baron Uses Volcano LAVA for Money! (Turmoil The Heat is on DLC Ep 2) Find me here: ●Facebook:...
2018-03-22 11:31:13 AM ● 3,100 views ● 28:36 98.39% liked
NEW D-DAY Omaha Beach LANDING Battle!  (Ravenfield New Map WW2 Mod Gameplay)
Ravenfield New Update Gameplay: WW2 Omaha Beach D-Day Landing NEW Mod Map (Ravenfield Beta Gameplay) WW2 D-Day Join me here: Facebook:
2018-03-21 1:29:55 PM ● 13,626 views ● 22:13 97.89% liked
Ravenfield (2017)
GETTING RICH is Addicting! OIL BARON strikes Black GOld (Turmoil The Heat is On DLC Gameplay Part 1)
Let's Play Turmoil NEW DLC - The Heat is On Part 1 - Building an Oil Empire for Toast Inc. Oil Baron! (Turmoil The Heat is on DLC Ep 1) Find...
2018-03-21 10:25:32 AM ● 19,738 views ● 27:33 97.38% liked
How to GET the MOST TREASURE, GOLD, LOOT in Sea of Thieves (Sea of Theives Gameplay)
Sea of Thieves Multiplayer Gameplay - How to Get the MOST TREASURE in Sea of Thieves (Sea of Thieves Release - Ep 12) Pirate Buddy Blitz:
2018-03-20 1:03:38 PM ● 16,768 views ● 28:41 98.30% liked
Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves RELEASE Part 1 ALL GUILD QUESTS (Sea of Thieves Ep 1)
Sea of Thieves Multiplayer Gameplay - Merchant Guild, (Sea of Thieves Release - Ep 11) Pirate Buddy Blitz:
2018-03-19 2:03:10 PM ● 24,412 views ● 25:32 98.60% liked
The KINGDOM Needs more TOAST!  Architectural Wonders and Secret Forts! (Kingdoms and Castles)
Kingdoms and Castles got a New Ports, Ships and Trading Update! Merchants and Ports Infrastructure Update! (KnC Ep 17) More Toast Playlist:
2018-03-19 10:08:59 AM ● 28,821 views ● 27:16 99.33% liked
Let's Play Make Sail: Make Sail is a sea-focused Ship Building and Crafting Game Much like Besiege (Make Sail Part 1 Gameplay) Join me here:...
2018-03-18 12:29:52 PM ● 26,048 views ● 23:32 96.98% liked
Let's Play Fortnite PvE Story Mode - Save the World! Fortnite Save the World came out before Fortnite BR and is all about Forts & Sieges!...
2018-03-18 10:32:33 AM ● 30,604 views ● 22:41 97.32% liked
Fortnite (2017)
One Man ARMY!  EPIC BATTLES vs Robot Mechs ARMAGEDDON! (Synthetik Gameplay Part 1)
Let's Play Synthetik - the Rogue-lite top down game where a One Man Army tries to stop the Heart of Armageddon - Part 1 EPIC BATTLES SYNTHETIK...
2018-03-17 2:06:39 PM ● 41,054 views ● 24:56 96.05% liked