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About Smash GaminG!! - Frazzz

At Smash GaminG, the aim is to bring you great, fun content on a regular basis from your friendly Scotsman Frazzz!

From Co-op & Solo Playthroughs plus weekly shows with tons of fun to be had !.

Check out Smash Looks for a first impressions show that will show you what games are all about, bringing you an in-depth
look at what the game has to offer.

Come chat, get involved and see whats what!

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New videos daily 4PM/6PM/8PM GMT

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PC Specs

Case NZXT Phantom Enthusiast - Red

CPU - i7 5820K

GPU - MSI Armor GTX 1080


OS - Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Motherboard - MSI X99A Gaming 7

PSU - Corsair RM850w

HDD - Samsung Evo 120GB, SSD 120GB, 2 x 2TB WD Cavier Black

Software - OBS, Adobe Suite

Microphone - Samson C01U

Headphones - Corsair VOID RGB

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