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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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About Black Lotus

Hey there. My name is Black Lotus and thank you for checking out my channel.

On this channel I play pokemon games, Nuzlockes, fan games, Shiny Hunting, and more. Check schedule for more info

All uploads at 12:00 pm BST

Current Stream Schedule Time is in BST
Tuesday 2PM shiny hunting
Wednesday 5PM Max raid hour
Thursday 2PM shiny hunting

Anything else is a bonus

This may change in the future.

Current Playthrough (upload every other day)

Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke

Please don't ask to be a mod on my streams I choose people who support me the most on discord and streams to become mods.

Personal YouTube Goals
I want these goals to be realistic in a way but i would love to surpass them and get even higher.

End of the month (May) 290 subs and 31,500 views
End of half the year (June) 300 subs 34,000 views
End of the year (December 31st) 500 subs 50,000 views

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