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Hello! This is my gaming centered channel. I started it so when it comes to video with video game content that no one will miss it due to the large content of my main channel. So, if you like video games then subscribe and stay tuned.

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Pawn Shop Grabs: Nothing Gained, Nothing Earned
Yea... this one is a first but it is a nice one. See anything you would get. There were to GALAXY 3DS for $79 and $99. Might return for them....
2018-09-17 1:00:03 PM ● 4 views ● 6:00 100.00% liked
Clearance Section in Target
Some interesting stuff. Tempted to get the lego.
2018-09-15 12:00:00 PM ● 0 views ● 0:16
Tempted to Get It
Just not ready though. Plus no idea if it is Wii U compatible.
2018-09-15 10:00:05 AM ● 2 views ● 0:05 100.00% liked
Video Game Selection (Messy)
Well, looks like someone did an overhaul.
2018-09-14 2:30:00 PM ● 0 views ● 0:08
What was in the PS3?
Thanks for spoiling the shocker.
2018-09-13 2:00:04 PM ● 1 views ● 0:06 100.00% liked
First Update on the PS3
Well, it powers on. The display is visible. Had to piggyback on the Wii U's HDMI. And from a previous bargain, I have a PS3 controller. Finally...
2018-09-13 1:30:00 PM ● 3 views ● 3:13 100.00% liked
Checking Game Data (Entry 2): Animal Crossing 3DS
I got Animal Crossing. Let's see what the previous owner did. It is interesting.
2018-09-10 1:30:01 PM ● 2 views ● 10:37
Checking Game Data (Entry 1)
Just some Nintendo DS/3DS game(s).
2018-09-09 1:00:04 PM ● 2 views ● 4:30
What's In The Memory Card? (FIVE)
This will be the shortest one. Well... the guy had no taste.
2018-09-07 10:30:00 PM ● 6 views ● 2:05 100.00% liked
Thrifting for Video Games #19: A Huge Haul at a BIG Cost
Went to a Thrift Shop. I looked it up for months but no idea where it was. Plus how to make a route to with it included. I finally checked it...
2018-09-07 9:45:00 AM ● 7 views ● 3:39 100.00% liked