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Hi, my name's SausageFingers and this is SausageFingersGaming

I play PC games. I do gaming playthroughs, Let's play videos, tutorials, and tons of early access and alpha games. I love sci fi but I'll play just about anything. Horror, crafting, mmorpg, space simulators. I hope you enjoy my videos.

Games included so far include :

Star Citizen
Fallout 4
The Division
Ark Survival Evolved
The Forest
Arma 3
Star Trek Online
Surgeon Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Empyrion Galactic Survival
Dying Light
Stranded Deep
Scrap Mechanic
Team Fortress 2
Far Cry Primal
The Solus Project
Mech Warrior Online
Space Engineers
No mans sky.

To name a few.
Welcome to my gaming channel.

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Hellion Multiplayer Part 1 | I wake up from cryosleep after an apocolyptic event. Good job I have friends in the same system to bail me out of...
2018-06-15 1:05:03 PM ● 805 views ● 18:31 98.28% liked
How to control any game using your voice using the voiceattack software. There are many reasons to use your voice instead of your hands. Maybe...
2018-06-13 12:55:21 PM ● 176 views ● 2:59 95.24% liked
Star Citizen | Gravity Sucks ! Part 2
Star Citizen | Me And Mrs SF jump on the Starfarer and take it for a test flight. There's loads of gravity, some near death experiences and some...
2018-06-11 11:18:57 AM ● 1,366 views ● 25:35 96.67% liked
Star Citizen | Starfaring with Mrs Sausagefingers Part 1
Star Citizen | The legend Augnes gifted us a Starlifter !! The Starfarer is the placeholder as the Starlifter is still in concept so me and Mrs...
2018-06-08 9:42:11 AM ● 1,157 views ● 25:09 98.85% liked
Star Citizen | Monorail | Part 4 of 2 Finale
We finally get on the monorail and then...... Well you'll have to watch won't ya ! Buy Star Citizen with my referral code and get 5000 UEC Credits...
2018-06-06 1:33:58 PM ● 498 views ● 22:16 100.00% liked
Star Citizen | The Pit Of Doom | Part 3 of 2 ?
Mrs SF and I head back to Levski and try and ride the Monorail yet again !! What could possibly go wrong this time ?? Buy Star Citizen with my...
2018-06-04 1:39:21 PM ● 1,124 views ● 20:25 97.62% liked
Star Citizen | Monorail Part 2 | All of The Death
We continue our Star Citizen adventure of trying to ride the monorail. We break stuff and get all of the dead ! No Cylone's were harmed in the...
2018-06-01 1:42:20 PM ● 1,202 views ● 25:31 96.39% liked
Star Citizen | The Monorail Conundrum Part 1 of 2
Mrs SF and I head over to Dirty Levski for a spot of shopping in Star Citizen but it soon turns into a bit of an adventure Buy Star Citizen with...
2018-05-31 3:24:25 PM ● 794 views ● 27:14 98.59% liked
Star Citizen | Killing Most Of The Things
Time to earn some UEC so I take on a few jobs and meet a few interesting people on the way in Star Citizen. Buy Star Citizen with my referral...
2018-05-29 12:28:12 PM ● 390 views ● 24:59 100.00% liked
I Climb aboard the Constellation, fly to a moon and load up the Nox. Then off to Yela to test the Nox with nice little 300km drive to an outpost....
2018-05-22 12:50:44 PM ● 1,188 views ● 28:35 98.98% liked