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Hi Guys. I´m Mike. Been a gamer since the 80`s. What you will find on this Channel is; Indie, Strategy and Simulator games. I will mostly do let´s play series, but also an review from time to time. You will NOT find me screaming or using the F word in my videos . I upload three times a week.

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- Be nice to other commenters and us
- Don't be a jerk
- No linking or directing to pirated game downloads
- Keep backseat gaming to a minimum
- No advertising in the comments
Breaking these rules will get your comment deleted and/or your account banned from the channel. We want our community to be a friendly and happy place where everyone feels welcome and safe.

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EP 2: Robothorium: A Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler - 2018 | Vive la révolution
Welcome to Robothorium. Robothorium is in early access development and a Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler. Robothorium is a rogue-like RPG is the latest...
2018-06-19 7:01:46 AM ● 4 views ● 34:24 100.00% liked
EP 1: Robothorium: A Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler | Vive la révolution
Welcome to Robothorium. Robothorium is in early access development. Robothorium: is a rogue-like RPG is the latest title from Goblinz Studio,...
2018-06-16 8:13:56 AM ● 25 views ● 50:33 100.00% liked
Part 5: BANISHED NORTH: Start working on those kiddis
The series of banished north mod offers a different look to the game. Banished north mod focuses on realism and survival as a game expansion...
2018-06-14 6:50:28 AM ● 8 views ● 23:29
Banished (2014)
Jurassic World Evolution - FIRST LOOK
Start building our own dino park. In Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments, the same company that gave you Planet Coaster. Comes...
2018-06-12 8:19:47 AM ● 30 views ● 35:31 100.00% liked
Jurassic World Evolution
First Impressions
EP 15 - Foundation Game City Builder -Alpha
In this episode of Foundation, I'm starting to make room for the upcoming expansion. Thanks for watching! Foundation by polymorph games is a...
2018-06-12 4:48:52 AM ● 8 views ● 24:29
Let's Play
Part 4: BANISHED NORTH 6.2 - Why Is Banished So Popular
In this series. I'm going to showcase the mod Banished North 6.2 by Tom Sawyer. At the start of Banished, there is a certain way you should build...
2018-06-12 4:29:59 AM ● 10 views ● 20:38 100.00% liked
Banished (2014)
In this episode of Banished. The food production is low, as always. It will suffice for now. But not for long, as our community grows. Thanks...
2018-06-10 2:32:04 AM ● 19 views ● 22:21 100.00% liked
Banished (2014)
Flashing Lights - First Look - Early Access
In this first look of flashing lights, I'm going to showcase the three types of gameplay that are in the game. One mission each, so that you...
2018-06-08 8:38:58 AM ● 35 views ● 24:06 100.00% liked
First Impressions
IDENTITY: Town Square Module  Character Creation
Town Square Module Character Creation Quick Tour Stream Highlight. How I long for this game. This is a recording of a stream that took place...
2018-06-06 8:38:36 AM ● 8 views ● 32:54 100.00% liked
Part 2: BANISHED NORTH version 6.2 - The Love For This Game
In this video of Banished. I had a change of heart. This series was only going to showcase the mod. But I got much more views than I thought...
2018-06-06 4:22:44 AM ● 22 views ● 19:37 100.00% liked
Banished (2014)