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MAIL BAG is now active! You can send me your lego sets or any other video game item related(video games,cards,toys,action figures,etc). I'll open and present the boxes on camera and you'll be getting all credits.
Send me a personal message (PM) here on youtube and i'll send you back my actual home address.

-114 Walkthroughs(No voice, usually 100% runs)
-16 Let's Plays w/ Video Commentary or w/ Controller Camera
-15 Consoles/Accesories/Games/Stuff Reviews
-43 OSTs(Now in my 2nd channel)
-Brick It Lego Series(Speedbuilding awesome sets)
-Animality videos(Cute animal and weird rare/strange bug moments)

If you want to ADVERTISE your Company/Enterprise/Products via Invideo Programming Annotations,Featured Videos or FanFinder Ads send me a PM from your Youtube official page.Only serious offers please.

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Pokemon Go Shiny Larvitar Community Day Event  Level 40
Paypal Donation Link $10 gets a pokemon named after you $20+ gets you mod,channel shoutout Every time you...
2018-06-16 7:05:48 AM ● 3,222 views ● 4:14:56 79.22% liked
Pokemon Go - 100% Larvitar, Shiny 97.8% & 95.6%IV Larvitar + Smackdown Tyranitar Evolutions
Paris hunting was way way better , no lag and better catches. I caught a 100% perfect IV larvitar, a 97.8% and 95.6% shiny larvitar, i evolved...
2018-06-16 6:36:36 AM ● 1,377 views ● 4:19 88.57% liked
Pokemon Go Larvitar Community Day - Another Niantic Big Fail
The launch of the event was a huge disaster, over 3 hour of lag and keep going. Had to forfeit my 3 hour live stream, go and watch the big humiliation...
2018-06-16 12:37:06 AM ● 1,100 views ● 3:49 93.55% liked
Pokemon Go - Shiny Larvitar Catch, Shiny Pupitar & Tyranitar Evolution
My very 1st one shiny larvitar and tyraniter evo Paypal Donation Link All Donations go forward better pc...
2018-06-16 12:12:04 AM ● 1,012 views ● 1:23 94.44% liked
Pokemon Go - Shiny Kyogre Hunter
Finaly after 23 raids i caught my 1st shiny Kyogre. Caught 17 kyogre in total during those 23 raids including a 100 perfect iv one. Paypal Donation...
2018-06-15 9:27:35 AM ● 4,192 views ● 13:01 90.32% liked
Pokemon Go - Wild Blastoise, 3X Kabutops, Omastar, Poliwrath, Cloyster, Seadra at Water Fest
With these last catches now i've caught and uploaded all rare spawns available during Water Festival Paypal Donation Link
2018-06-15 6:09:23 AM ● 1,321 views ● 6:42 96.30% liked
Pokemon Go Articuno Field Research Breakthrough - Week #11
Another boring box. Just a 86.7%IV Articuno... Paypal Donation Link All Donations go forward better pc...
2018-06-15 5:54:09 AM ● 475 views ● 1:07 91.67% liked
Assassin's Creed Origins 100% Walkthrough Part 80
No annoying commentary! Enjoy! Assassin's Creed Origins 100% Gameplay 60fps 1920x1080p maximum Ultra graphic specs +40% power resolution Part...
2018-06-15 5:36:50 AM ● 41 views ● 54:15 100.00% liked
Assassin's Creed Origins
Brick It - Lego Exo-Force 7713 Bridge Walker and White Lightning
Paypal Donation Link All Donations go forward better pc equipment,games,fast internet,giveaways, etc. MAIL...
2018-06-14 1:10:17 PM ● 90 views ● 20:33 100.00% liked
Bird Nest & Eggs Found in my Garden's Bush
It's a bless for me to have animals and wild life all around me at my parents garden but on the other hand it's very sad to see that even animals...
2018-06-14 6:43:01 AM ● 82 views ● 0:32 100.00% liked