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VROOM Virtual Reality or Original Music

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United States
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About VROOM Virtual Reality or Original Music

Hello You Big World!!!!! Welcome to my channel , VROOM , VIRTUAL REALITY OR ORIGIANL MUSIC , I love video games and music and have set up this channel to share my experiences with everyone. I have many tracks of music that i made and also do live streaming of popular VR games on the Oculus Rift S. You might see me throw some guitar playing I do or even videos of comedy with other live streams cause that is what i do. Regular guy who lives next to the Big City in Brooklyn New York. After getting off the streets of Gotham, i just want to get home and play the biggest titles out. Racing, shooter, rap, rock, etc. i try to do it all. So come join me, im sure i can make you laugh and make you're day better. Enjoy my channel World!!!!!

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