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Tara The Gamer Girl’s 1st Channel

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United States
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About Tara The Gamer Girl’s 1st Channel

Hello, Everyone! My name is Tara Melissa Richards also known as Tara The Gamer Girl. This is my first main channel. I do Gameplays, Tributes, Music Videos and More. All requests must be appropriate for this channel, but I don’t want anyone giving me the same request over & over again or giving me more than one request. I will be doing only one request from one user per day. Requests like those will be removed immediately. Do not block me or unsubscribe me! No mean or rude comments allowed! No making bad videos out of me! No telling me what to do! No spy subscribing me! Please leave a like, comment, and don’t forget to subscribe and hit that 🔔 for notifications! If you see any haters or imposters, you know what to do, just block, report or ignore them & move on. Anyway, have fun watching my videos.

Nintendo Switch: SW-4611-3169-5903
Nintendo 3DS: 1650-1110-9320
Discord: TaraTheGamerGirl#0833

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