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If you're looking for a giggly, fun-loving girl from Scotland playing video games with varying levels of success, then you've come to the right place. My name is April and this is my channel. Expect streams/let's plays of any games I'm interested in playing, whether it's a blind play through of a newly-released game that I've been dying to play or an old favourite of mine. I'd love it if you subscribed. (hint hint ha ha!) Enjoy! :)

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Final Fantasy XV - Episode Prompto
My playthrough of the latest Final Fantasy XV dlc Episode Prompto. No commentary.
2017-06-28 2:25:18 PM ● 33 views ● 3:54:21 100.00% liked
Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV- Moogle Chocobo Carnival!
I have an explore of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, where I race on chocobos, dance with people in costume, eat cake and more! FINAL FANTASY XV...
2017-01-28 5:02:40 PM ● 23 views ● 59:39 100.00% liked
City of Light- Batman: The Telltale Series #5 (Finale part 2 )
Part 2 of the Batman finale since stupid internet decided to cut off.
2016-12-15 10:53:13 AM ● 19 views ● 14:02 100.00% liked
City of Light- Batman: The Telltale Series #5 (Finale)
It all comes down to this. The finale of Batman:The Telltale Series is here!
2016-12-15 10:33:56 AM ● 9 views ● 1:17:15 100.00% liked
Uncovering the Past - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune #4
I search for Elena in Chapter 6 of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune! Will I find her? Watch me play and find out!
2016-12-08 10:54:31 AM ● 50 views ● 1:15:17 100.00% liked
Guardian of Gotham -Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4
It's the penultimate episode of Batman : The Telltale Series! Whats gonna happen now Batman has been drugged?
2016-11-27 1:40:02 PM ● 29 views ● 1:22:54 100.00% liked
New World Order - Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3
i play Episode 3 of Batman: The Telltale Series and it's my favourite episode so far! Watch to find out why. Like, comment and subscribe if you...
2016-10-29 12:29:04 PM ● 40 views ● 1:43:08 100.00% liked
I fight and 'imprism' cute monsters and meet chibi versions of Final Fantasy characters as I play the demo for 'World of Final Fantasy'. Like,...
2016-10-19 4:42:13 PM ● 15 views ● 51:56 100.00% liked
Date Night- Beyond: Two Souls #4
Jodie has scored a date with Ryan but will it be a success? Not if Aiden has anything to do with it... If you enjoyed this video give it a like,...
2016-10-13 8:39:03 AM ● 30 views ● 30:35 100.00% liked
Children of Arkham - Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2 3/3
The ending of Batman:The Telltale Series Episode 2!
2016-09-21 3:39:32 PM ● 13 views ● 7:05 100.00% liked