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Special brew of gaming hijinks and misadventures by two nerds (Marley & Cara) living in Tokyo and their friends. We ♡ horror! Join us with your favorite tea (or "not tea") and enjoy what weirdness ensues!

☆ Current upload schedule: ??? (JST time) ☆
Life has been... it's been a thing the second half of 2018. Appreciate the patience during all the radio silence.

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The Evil Within 2, Part 20: Almost Medieval
Spooky.. scary.. nah just kidding these catacombs are utterly laughable. Also featuring: The Return of the Dagon Dickslap! But hey, that means...
2019-03-16 7:00:01 PM ● 3 views ● 28:37 100.00% liked
The Evil Within 2, Part 19: stefaNO
We're gonna investigate some butts, then get sad and nitpicky about stuff in this episode. Oh and maybe there's finally a boss fight. First name:...
2019-03-13 9:00:02 PM ● 4 views ● 34:27 100.00% liked
The Evil Within 2, Part 18: Get Jacked
The tagline for this game should have been, "It's so no." In this episode we meet Sykes aka the best voice actor in the game so far,...
2019-03-09 9:00:10 PM ● 14 views ● 24:02 100.00% liked
The Evil Within 2, Part 17: Rolling Into (Midlife) Crisis
The "final boss" is back for blood, Sebastian's taste is unsurprisingly plebeian, and we get to see something *slightly* more interesting...
2019-02-23 6:00:00 PM ● 9 views ● 35:15 100.00% liked
The Evil Within 2, Part 16: Sticky White Stuff
We're baaaaaack... and this game is still shit. We hope you enjoy the poorly directed drama, voice acting that just screams "adequate",...
2019-02-20 6:00:04 PM ● 12 views ● 34:00 100.00% liked
Giving It (One) Shot (Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo)
Ohhhh snap. The remake is finally dropping and we’re finally recording (sorta). Come listen to us give the low down on how we’re feeling...
2019-01-25 4:47:17 AM ● 19 views ● 52:36 100.00% liked
The Adventures of Astronerfed & PupG (Human Fall Flat)
Get ready for pillow fights, box puzzles, and questionable teamwork! Starring myself and (just to be confusing) our friend Kira. We were just...
2019-01-19 8:32:11 PM ● 9 views ● 14:01 100.00% liked
Kirkhammer VS Amelia (Bloodborne)
Featuring: Accidental cosplay! Ha! I was stunned by the level of stun that I achieved with the Kirkhammer. Loved it. ☆ More Bloodborne: Backstabbing...
2019-01-07 7:30:00 AM ● 10 views ● 3:09 100.00% liked
Bloodborne (2015)
Firebombs Away! (Dark Souls Remastered)
He's really doing his best. ☆ More Dark Souls: Dank Souls III: Hollow Booty Avoiding Invader Antics
2019-01-03 7:00:06 AM ● 8 views ● 0:17
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (2011)
Steel Dog Spin (Warframe)
I'm rusty lately, but earlier this year I had a blast getting into Warframe finally. Puppers with bat faces are just the icing on top! ☇☇...
2018-12-26 7:00:11 AM ● 6 views ● 2:01
Warframe (2013)