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Well hello there! My name is Steven Thomas and welcome to my let's play channel. I'm really into a lot of style of games but tend to lean towards Super Mario, Zelda, and other Nintendo based games. Got a game suggestion? Send it my way. Loving Super Mario Maker. In Super Mario Maker there's something super awesome about playing beautifully crafted viewer levels. You can reach me on twitter @StevenKThomas

What is a let's play channel? A let's play channel is someone who showcases gameplay of a game and generally will commentate over the gameplay to add additional content.

I also youtube livestream every day so the best way to catch me when I'm livestreaming is to turn on notifications. I love being a livestreamer. Let's play some games! Would love to chat!

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Look Out Below! Impulse Arena
Throw your impulse grenades and launch others off to their doom! Check out this mini-game in Fortnite. ► Watch LIVE gameplay here!
2019-02-04 2:48:56 PM ● 333 views ● 12:21 87.10% liked
Escape The Dream... Escape Now!
Check out this awesome level design called Escape The Dream. Figure out where the routes are and find yourself safely on the other side! ►...
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More World Records! Fastest Man Alive
What's the fastest you can go in Fortnite? Well we're about to put it to the test and see what times we can get! Get yourself a chili dog because...
2019-01-29 1:50:33 PM ● 161 views ● 9:15 84.62% liked
You Won't Believe What's Inside - Llama Royale
Introducing Llama Royale, a new game mode I created. Crack open the giant llama for a magical surprise! COURSE ID: 6522-3233-2294 ► Watch LIVE...
2019-01-24 12:58:38 PM ● 200 views ● 12:47 82.35% liked
Longest Sniper Shot in Fortnite WORLD RECORD
We did it! I've been wanting this specific world record for a LONG time now and I'm super happy to announce we did it! Longest sniper shot in...
2019-01-15 11:59:36 AM ● 589 views ● 7:17 69.64% liked
Fortnite (2017)
We SHATTERED These Fortnite World Records
In this video we break not 1... not 2... but EIGHT world records in Fortnite! Longest rocket launcher kill. Longest snowball throw. Longest tomato...
2019-01-14 4:31:09 PM ● 233 views ● 11:53 88.10% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Ninja's Warrior Challenge - A Tribute To Ninja
A tribute to Ninja in pixel art form. Welcome to Ninja's Warrior Challenge! Choose one of two paths and race against the clock to do your best...
2019-01-09 4:14:46 PM ● 549 views ● 11:15 91.67% liked
Pokimane's Corner - A Tribute To Pokimane
A tribute to Pokimane a twitch streamer. This level is publicly available to anyone that wants to play/showcase it. A lot of love went into making...
2019-01-05 7:12:07 PM ● 2,538 views ● 16:21 89.01% liked
NEW World Record Most Skill Points (And The Crazy Journey To Get There)
We did it! YATTA! We beat the world record for most skill points! This was a VERY frustrating record to break due to Fortnite glitching and causing...
2019-01-04 3:36:52 PM ● 396 views ● 21:10 87.76% liked
Driftboard Early Access Glitch!
Apparently there's a way to get to the driftboard from the creative island and it's not supposed to really be there... BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!!...
2018-12-18 6:33:48 AM ● 9,138 views ● 10:42 90.26% liked