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Welcome to SIS vs BRO! This is where Karina and Ronald join forces to challenge each other in countless fun videos! Challenges, gaming, and more!!! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and we will see you in the next video!!!

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Shopping for Our Baby Sister Clothes Challenge!!!
We are going shopping for clothes for our baby sister! Our mom is pregnant and we need clothes for the baby!!! The challenge is to buy 10 clothing...
2019-02-16 4:33:41 AM ● 2,306,000 views ● 27:03 96.57% liked
Making FOOD out of SLIME!!!!
Making food out of slime!!! Let's see who can make the best looking Nutella or Ketchup out of slime! Comment down below who won each round!!!...
2019-02-10 5:52:10 AM ● 2,556,844 views ● 24:09 96.24% liked
Twin Telepathy Milkshake Challenge!!!
Twin Telepathy Milkshake Challenge!!! An updated version of our original SIS vs BRO Twin Telepathy Milkshake Challenge only better! We are using...
2019-02-09 9:02:44 AM ● 1,256,502 views ● 13:03 96.87% liked
Our Cats Pick Our Slime Ingredients Challenge !!!
Our kitten and cat pick slime ingredients for our slime! Who is going to make a better slime if cats pick ingredients for us?!? Vote now who...
2019-02-02 5:15:01 AM ● 1,654,899 views ● 16:24 97.04% liked
Who Knows More About Babies! Getting ready for our Baby Sister!!!
We are getting ready for our baby sister! Let's find out who knows more about babies and will get the best sibling award! #sisvsbrobabysister...
2019-01-28 5:00:00 AM ● 4,645,096 views ● 14:43 95.62% liked
Mystery Wheel of Dump It Slime Challenge!
We are back with another mystery wheel slime challenge and we have new options on our wheel!!! Dump it (of course!) Switch Up!, Pick for Yourself...
2019-01-26 5:00:01 AM ● 4,708,885 views ● 17:12 95.34% liked
Choosing a Name for Our Baby Sister!
We are choosing the name for our baby sister. She is arriving in 5 months! Comment down below which names do you like a for a baby girl! SIS...
2019-01-21 6:02:55 AM ● 4,246,804 views ● 9:09 96.19% liked
Shopping for Our Baby Sister Challenge!!!
We are going shopping for our baby sister! Our mom is pregnant and we'll be getting a new baby sister this summer!!! The challenge is to buy...
2019-01-13 6:24:16 AM ● 7,263,511 views ● 24:56 96.01% liked
We are doing Real vs Prank Slime Challenge. Whoever can pick the real slime ingredients over the look-alike pranks is going to be the ultimate...
2019-01-05 5:15:00 AM ● 6,957,248 views ● 23:12 94.38% liked
What We Got For Christmas!!!
We are showing you what we got for Christmas!!! Here are all the presents (well most) we got for Christmas :) Comment down below what presents...
2018-12-27 5:00:06 AM ● 4,569,562 views ● 10:44 94.74% liked