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About Philosophy Workout

Political & Philosophical Commentary.
Analysis of history and news, integrating philosophy and economy. Taking a long-term view on the questions of our time.

My Long-Term Mission:
Mapping out how humans can live happy, healthy and mutually beneficially together on this planet.

I give full permission to any other channel to mirror my videos, or use clips from my videos for video-responses.

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Activist Interview | Azov Movement & Ukraine-Russia Conflict
In this Interview I talk with an Azov Activist about the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, the Pan-European patriotic movement and the concept of intermarium....
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CNN manipulates Trump's Voice in Trump-Putin Press Conference
CNN probably deliberately filters Trump's voice to make him sound old, sickly and weak. These are Psy-Ops at its most subconscious. Sources:...
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Interview: Immigration, Free Speech and Leftist Spin - Gen Z Conservative from Australia
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#120db Daughters Of Europe Rising - Banner For Your Profile Picture
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Women Fighting Back - Daughters Of Europe Resist (English Subtitles)
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A Look At Bitcoin's Future For Beginners
What 2018 might hold for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Sources:
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Women in the Alt-Right - Who Is Even Criticizing Lauren & Tara?  | PhilosophiCat Interview
In this video I talk with PhilosophiCat about #ThotWars. PhilosophiCat's YouTube: PhilosophiCat's...
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Intellectuals K*II Themselves Realising Decay Of Germany
Please give me a thumbs up if you liked the video, because then the YouTube algorithm shows it as a recommended video for other people. Small...
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Mens Vulnerability v Boundaries | Steven Franssen and Philosophy Workout
The difference between vulnerability and lack of boundaries. Steven Franssen: Real-Time Relationships:...
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Students for Liberty Speaker Red-Flagging Identitarians (Tom Palmer) - Where Is The Research?
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