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United Kingdom
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You will find some in-car CCTV footage on my channel which I have recorded myself. Some funny, some with a question and some which would be good for the police. You will also find mostly game-play videos and some let's play gaming videos, the let's plays are in my view mainly tutorials and experiences, in the older ones there will be subtitles. The clips that were even earlier won't have any text or mic audio.

I am trying to make/upload 1 video every day. Unfortunately I due to the physical nature of my new job, I can’t guarantee that I can do it every week. (Working in a recycling centre is both physical and mentally draining, I’ve been coming home completely drained of all my stamina)

I would like to apologize if some of the clips may be dark in some areas, this is because I don't know how to increase the gamma (using PowerDirector 15 Ultimate) and still have a good picture quality when rendered at 1280x720 25p (25Mbps). The current format on the majority of the videos is 1920x1080

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