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About FoElite

FoElite is a channel dedicated to players that want to build competitive cities to help their competitive guilds. There are many ways to play, and this channel will *not* address other styles including high city defense, beautiful cities, great building collector cities, etc. Max efficiency only. :-D

Who am I and why should you listen to me?
My wife and I founded Hostile Takeover, the current #1 guild on US Korch. We reached #1 almost exactly 2 months after founding at level 26:
Our guild was the first on our server to completely eliminate swap threads and only use Arc leveling threads. We're the only guild that requires 64 in GE weekly and currently have a perfect GE Record:
I am currently #7 on my server with an account less than 1000 days old (and I took at 6-month break from the game - I was #5 prior to my break from 8/7/2019 to 1/20/2020). I have 7 GB's over level 100 and 3 over level 110. This channel explains how we did it.

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