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KingStix Gaming is an American YouTube content creator with over 155 thousand subscribers. He published 938 videos which altogether total over 48.9 million views.

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2023-11-24ADC META IS OVER (MAGES ARE IN CHARGE NOW) Ziggs Season 14 (Pre Season 14) - League of Legends19:58485League of Legends
2023-11-23MORDEKAISER SEASON 14 IS NUTS! (LIANDRY'S x2 BURN) - League of Legends35:569,511League of Legends
2023-11-21WORST CHAMPION SECRETLY A 1v9 TOP LANER (70% WIN RATE BUILD) - League of Legends30:2410,501League of Legends
2023-11-19WHY YOU CAN'T STOP MORDEKAISER MID (BEST WAVE CLEAR IN THE GAME) Mordekaiser Beginners Guide31:0514,516GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-17LETHALITY CAITLYN IS NOT FAIR! | How to Caitlyn & CARRY for Beginners S13 League of Legends34:4910,419GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-16How to Lux & CARRY for Beginners (Best Build/Runes) - Lux Low Elo Carry Guide - League of Legends1:00:3613,693GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-15How to Karthus Mid for Beginners (Best Build/Runes) | Karthus League of Legends34:368,967GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-12RIOT MADE A MONSTER... (JANNA BUFFS HIT HARD) - League of Legends39:2715,431League of Legends
2023-11-11NEW KALISTA BUILD DOESN'T FALL OFF👌 (MOST DAMAGE TAKEN & DEALT) - League of Legends38:0113,242League of Legends
2023-11-11AD AHRI CAN'T BE STOPPED (UNBEATABLE LANE PHASE) | AD Ahri Beginners Guide S13 League of Legends35:0716,237League of Legends
2023-11-08POPPY WASN'T MEANT TO BE THIS GOOD (KILL MODE POPPY BUILD) - Poppy Beginners Guide League of Legends20:3310,805GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-07YOU CAN'T BEAT NEW NASUS EARLY GAME STRAT (SNEAKY NASUS CHEESE😈) - Nasus Beginners Guide Season 1340:3623,558GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-03How to Trundle & CARRY for Beginners (Bestt Build/Runes) #1 Split Pusher S13 League of Legends35:2215,422GuideLeague of Legends
2023-11-02POPPY WASN'T MADE TO BE THIS THICC... (+945 HP HEARTSTEEL✅) Poppy Season 13 League of Legends48:2816,026League of Legends
2023-10-31ZAC WAS MADE FOR THIS (NO ONE EXEPCTS IT) Zac Season 13 League of Legends22:259,338League of Legends
2023-10-30BRAND WAS MADE FOR THIS... (NO ONE EXPECTS IT) Brand Season 13 League of Legends38:0117,554League of Legends
2023-10-28How to Rumble & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Rumble Guide Season 13 League of Legends25:0017,387GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-27OLAF IS ACTUALLY GOOD (67% WR OLAF BUILD) How to Olaf & CARRY for Beginners S13 League of Legends21:3416,737GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-26JAX IS A MONSTER... (65% WR BUILD) How to Jax & Carry for Beginners S13 - League of Legends42:5417,094GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-24DARIUS META IS EVOLVING...(New Darius Build for Big CARRY) Darius Beginners Guide League of Legends20:1423,924GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-22VEIGAR CHEESE STILL DOES THE MOST DAMAGE (STUPID DAMAGE) - Veigar Season 13 League of Legends31:0112,950League of Legends
2023-10-21YOU CAN'T OUTRADE NEW VAYNE CHEESE (SNEAKY VAYNE CHEESE BUILD😈) League of Legends42:4119,531League of Legends
2023-10-20Riot Nerfed most Keystones...NOT THIS ONE! Nasus Meta EVOLVES - Nasus Beginners League of Legends27:0414,907League of Legends
2023-10-19UDYR BREAKS MENTALS ("YOU'RE BOOSTED TRASH!") Udyr Beginners Carry Guide [Most Damage Dealt]44:0819,942GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-18RIOT BUSTED JINX! (Best Build/Runes) Jinx Beginners Carry Season 13 -League of Legends32:5918,598League of Legends
2023-10-17How to Cho'Gath & CARRY for Beginners (Best Build/Runes) Season 13 - League of Legends31:2415,588GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-15KASSADIN IS NO JOKE RIGHT NOW! (Best Build/Runes) | How to Kassadin for Beginners League of Legends24:2520,499GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-14How to Mundo the EASY WAY (CARRY LOSING TEAM) Dr.Mundo Top Guide Season 13 League of Legends30:2622,113GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-11HIDDEN POWER OF JAX TANK (TANK JAX BUILD/RUNES) - Jax Beginners Guide Season 13 League of Legends23:5418,303GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-07TANK MISS FORTUNE TOO THICC TO STOP! (4.8k HP/300 AD) - Miss Fortune Season 13 League of Legends31:2114,676League of Legends
2023-10-06TRISTANA HAS NEVER FELT THIS DIRTY! (NO ONE CAN ESCAPE 😈) Tristana Beginners Guide Season 1335:0611,849GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-05YOU CAN'T STOP SPLIT PUSH SHYVANA (BEST BUILD/RUNES) Shyvana Guide Season 13 League of Legends44:5712,478GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-04NEW AHRI BUILD IS DOMINATING! (Best Ahri Build/Runes) Ahri Guide Season 13 League of Legends35:1318,112GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-03CRIT GAREN JUST ISN'T FAIR! (64% WR BUILD) | How to Play Garen & Carry For Beginners - Garen Guide34:5318,577GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-02YOU CAN'T STOP AERY NASUS! (THEY CAMPED ME HARD😈) - Nasus Beginners Guide S13 League of Legends24:1811,915GuideLeague of Legends
2023-10-01How to Carry w Jax for Beginners (FINAL JAX GAME BEFORE VISUAL DOWNGRADE) League of Legends23:5012,841GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-29MORDEKAISER HAS NEVER BEEN THIS GOOD👌 (Best Build/Runes) Mordekaiser Beginners Guide Season 1322:5613,131GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-28LISSANDRA HOLDS YOU STILL FOREVER NOW (4.15s CC) - Lissandra Beginners Guide League of Legends26:2113,145GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-26AATROX IS NUMBER 1... (Best Build/Runes) How to Aatrox for Beginners Season 13 - League of Legends32:5518,810GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-25NEW AD KENNEN BUILD OUT DAMAGES EVERYONE (HUGE SCALING) - Kennen Beginners Guide League of Legends25:5411,543GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-24THIS JARVAN BUILD TURNED HIM INTO A S+ LANER! (73% WR J4 BUILD) - League of Legends32:2912,625League of Legends
2023-09-23BEST BIG CHO'GATH BUILD (13k HP, 400 AD) | Big Cho'Gath Beginners Guide Season 13 League of Legends40:2319,112GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-22EKKO IS SECRETLY AN EASY TOP LANER (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - Ekko Beginners Guide S13 League of Legends29:4411,185GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-20SHOJIN DARIUS IS VERY BALANCED AND DOESN'T NEED A NERF | Darius Beginners Guide Season 1326:3417,528GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-16NEVER DIE ON WARWICK AGAIN. ALWAYS 1v2👌 (THEY TRIED TO CAMP ME 😈) Warwick Beginners Guide Season 1318:3419,273GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-15KENNEN IS A MONSTER NOW (BUFFS FEEL GOOOOD) | Kennen Beginners Guide Season 13 League of Legends28:3218,054GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-13ZIGGS IS ACTUALLY A KILL LANE (Best Build/Runes for KILLING LANE) | Ziggs Beginners Guide Season 1336:2717,405GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-11AD TEEMO IS BEST (HUGE POWER SPIKE) | How to Play AD Teemo Guide Season 13 + Best Build/Runes22:5415,918GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-08How to Maokai Top The EASY WAY (Best Build/Runes) | Maokai Guide Season 13 League of Legends34:0015,765GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-07TRYNDAMRE IS OP NOW (ABUSE BEFORE NERF) - How to Play Tryndamere Top & CARRY for Beginners44:1921,752GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-04How to Tank VAYNE & Carry for Beginners (Best Build/Runes) - Vayne Season 13 League of Legends33:0720,030GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-03TRYNDAMERRE MID CAN'T BE STOPPED! (1v9 MACHINE) How to Play Tryndamere for Beginners & CARRY! S1328:0321,520GuideLeague of Legends
2023-09-01UDYR TOP IS SIMPLY NOT FAIR! (MOST DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN) | How to Play Udyr Top & CARRY Season 1323:3219,522GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-31NOCTURNE MID TITLS EVERYONE (EASY CHEESE MID LANER) | Nocturne Season 13 League of Legends46:5918,126League of Legends
2023-08-30KARTHUS SUPPORT BREAKS MENTALS! "YOU ARE A DOG" | How to Play Karthus & CARRY for Beginners S1339:3017,934GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-27TRISTANA SUPPORT BREAKS THE META (MOST DAMAGE DEALT) | How to Play Tristana & CARRY!27:4215,163GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-26TWISTED FATE SUPPORT BREAKS THE META (MOST DAMAGE DEALT) | How to Play Twisted Fate & CARRY!28:4612,206GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-24KAYLE WAS MADE FOR THIS ITEM (WHY AD KAYLE IS BEST) | How to Play Kayle & Carry Season 1327:5813,553GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-22MALPHITE NO SKILL SETUP FOR WINNING FOR BEGINNERS (CARRYING DIAMOND ELO) - League of Legends24:5211,912Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2023-08-22HOW TO MASTER YI MID & CARRY FOR BEGINNERS (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - League of Legends33:1212,660GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-20BUFFED BRAND NEVER RUNS OUT OF MANA! (EVERYTHING BURNS FOREVER) Brand Season 13 League of Legends40:4813,067League of Legends
2023-08-19THIS IS WHY GAREN MID IS TOP 10 (BEST BUILD/RUNES) | Garen Beginners Guide League of Legends28:2613,501GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-18SINGED IS BACK AND TAKING OVER THE META (67% WR BUILD) - Singed Guide Season 13 League of Legends33:4816,432GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-18BUFFED WUKONG NEVER RUNS OUT OF MANA! (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - Wukong Season 13 League of Legends24:0511,963League of Legends
2023-08-16ASHE WAS MADE FOR THIS! ("WHAT ARE YOU DOING") - Ashe Beginners Guide Season 13 League of Legends26:1712,402GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-15CAITLYN KILLS WITH ONE R! (EASY MODE CAITLYN BUILD) - LETHALITY CAITLYN GUIDE S13 League of Legends30:0923,992GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-12THE EASIEST MID LANE CARRY THAT NO ONE PLAYS (WINS BY DEFAULT...) - League of Legends29:3915,906Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2023-08-11Best ADC Champions for Carrying SOLO QUEUE (IRON-DIAMOND) Season 13 - ADC Tier List LoL11:5517,793League of Legends
2023-08-09HOW TO CARRY YOURSELF OUT OF LOW ELO WITH LILLIA! | Lillia 1v5 Guide Season 13 League of Legends34:0014,399GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-08EASY WARWICK BUILD IS THE META (72% WR BUILD) | Warwick Top Season 13 League of Legends23:1022,071League of Legends
2023-08-07NEW ASHE BUILD IS ABSOLUTELY "BALANCED" - Ashe Beginners Guide Season 13 League of Legends30:0333,199GuideLeague of Legends
2023-08-06NEW ZAC MID STRAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY HIM! (70% WR BUILD) - Zac Season 13 League of Legends58:2315,776League of Legends
2023-08-05BUFFED CAITLYN BUILD FEELS SO GOOD! (MASSIVE CRITS) | How to Play Caitlyn & CARRY Season 13 LoL45:1321,885GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-29How to Play Miss Fortune & CARRY LOW ELO + Best Build/Runes | Miss Fortune Guide Season 1326:4528,654GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-28THIS JUNGLER IS MY NEW FAVORITE MID LANER! (CARRY EVERYONE) - League of Legends32:0511,742League of Legends
2023-07-25HOW TO PLAY NUNU AND 1v9 MID LANE FOR BEGINNERS (ONE SHOT EVEYTHING) - League of Legends30:5314,793GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-24RIOT BUFFED XERATH INTO A MONSTER SUPPORT (Best Build/Runes) - Xerath Season 13 League of Legends24:2116,872League of Legends
2023-07-23How to Play LISSANDRA & Carry + BEST BUILD/RUNES (AFTER THE BUFFS) | Lissandra Guide Season 1322:4619,020GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-21BUFFED ZYRA JUNGLE IS NO JOKE (3:10 FULL HP NO LEASH) - League of Legends Zyra Guide Season 1334:4027,163GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-19How to Play Veigar & CARRY for Beginners (1510 AP) | Veigar Guide Season 13 - League of Legends30:4820,034GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-18MORDEKAISER WAS MADE FOR THIS ITEM (NO ONE CAN ESCAPE...EVER) | Mordekaiser S13 League of Legends34:1319,420League of Legends
2023-07-17NEW KINDRED MID BUILD IS NOT FAIR! (1v9 TECH) - Kindred Guide Season 13 League of Legends27:1217,795GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-16HOW TO ALISTAR AND 1v9 FOR BEGINNERS ("WTF IS ALISTAR LMAO") | AP ALISTAR GUIDE League of Legends31:0219,168GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-15How to Play Malphite Mid & CARRY MID LANE + BEST BUILD/RUNES | League of Legends Season 1329:1312,322GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-14TRISTANA IS ACTUALLY GOOD AGAIN! (67% WR BUILD) | HOW TO PLAY TRISTANA & CARRY! - League of Legends44:5021,178GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-13NEW SKARNER BUILD TURNS HIM INTO A S+ LANER! (NO ONE CAN ESCAPE) - Skarner Guide League of Legends27:2020,704GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-12THIS VAYNE BUILD IS NOT BALANCED (66% WR) - How to Play Vayne & CARRY Season 13 League of Legends30:0623,240League of Legends
2023-07-11THIS IS WHY CHO'GATH IS A 1v9 MACHINE (BEST BUILD/RUNES) | Cho'Gath FULL AP GUIDE -League of Legends32:5318,157GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-10NEW DARIUS BUILD IS NOT FAIR (73% WR BUILD) - Darius Guide Season 13 League of Legends32:3133,189GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-09How to Play Renekton & CARRY for Beginners (Best Build/Runes) - League of Legends Season 1324:0838,371GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-08HOW TO PLAY BRAND & CARRY FOR BEGINNERS (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - League of Legends32:2023,055GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-07KAYLE RUNS MID LANE (BEST BUILD/RUNES) | How to Play Kayle & CARRY for Beginners - League of Legends30:0119,445GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-06QUINN IS ACTUALLY GOOD NOW (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - How to Play Quinn Season 13 League of Legends23:2717,911League of Legends
2023-07-04SIVIR IS BACK BABY! (INSTANTLY KILL WAVES) - Sivir Guide Season 13 League of Legends19:5924,967GuideLeague of Legends
2023-07-03NEW KAYLE BUILD IS NOT BALANCED! (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - Kayle Season 13 League of Legends33:1135,493League of Legends
2023-07-01EASY MODE MALPHTIE BEATS ALL RANGED TOP LANERS (Best Build/Runes) - League of Legends32:2518,891Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2023-06-29THIS IS WHY TANK ASHE DOES THE MOST DAMAGE IN THE GAME (CRAZY SCALING) - League of Legends39:3228,313League of Legends
2023-06-28THIS TOP LANER IS ULTIMATE MID LANE COUNTER PICK! (MOST UNDERRATED) - League of Legends16:0012,670League of Legends
2023-06-27WARWICK MAXIMUM CONSISTENCY (BEST BUILD/RUNES) - Warwick Season 13 League of Legends23:2021,954League of Legends