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Welcome to my channel, A channel where I play games that I think are considered good games and I text commentate over the good footage i record! Yep this channel is filled with goodness! Gameplay Videos are uploaded 5 days a week!
Current Playthroughs: Paper Mario TTYD and Wario land Shake it!

Completed Playthroughs (Check Playlist)

Future Playthroughs

Crash Bandicoot 3
Sonic Mania
Just so you know, I don't do voice commentary because I get too nervous doing it which causes several screw ups.

if you request any games, don't expect me to play it right away. (i have the right to reject requests)
What I use for Playthroughs

Emulator/PC Games: Camtasia Recorder 8
Console Games: Elgato Game Capture HD
Video Editor: Camtasia 8 and 9
Enjoy my Channel for what it has to offer, don't expect what it doesn't have!

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Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped [Part 1] Evil Uka Uka Terror!
Crash Bandicoot Warped starts with Uka Uka being freed and he is quite a dark character, you could definitely fear him. he is definitely a threat...
2018-07-17 8:00:00 AM ● 12 views ● 13:50 100.00% liked
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door [Part 9] Chapter 1 Interlude!
With chapter 1 being finished, We actually get to play as peach and first she will shower and then she is led into a room where there is a perfect...
2018-07-16 8:00:00 AM ● 18 views ● 18:08 100.00% liked
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door [Part 8] Courageous Hooktail Battle!
It's time for Mario and Koops to get into a battle with Hooktail and not with out the courage to do so. We then defeat her and we get the crystal...
2018-07-13 8:00:01 AM ● 28 views ● 15:57 100.00% liked
Wario Land Shake It [Part 32] Boss Mission Completion! [Final]
Yep, this is the final part at long last and I will finish the remaining boss missions for the completion of the mission percentage, So I fight...
2018-07-12 8:00:03 AM ● 14 views ● 9:45 100.00% liked
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door [Part 7] Lovely Ms. Mowz Encounter!
I continue to explore in Hooktail Castle using my new ability to become thin and as I explore I enter a room and find the lovely Ms. Mowz and...
2018-07-11 8:00:00 AM ● 15 views ● 11:55 100.00% liked
Monthly Updates: July 2018 - Crash Bandicoot 3 Playthrough, Kirby Star Allies & More!
What I talk about: 1. My YouTube Channel - Playthroughs (RockaPeteDX) - Paper Mario TTYD - Wario Land Shake it - Crash Bandicoot 3 2. Video Games...
2018-07-07 11:29:17 AM ● 32 views ● 6:13 100.00% liked
Kirby Star Allies
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door [Part 5] Koops Joins The Party!
I start the video at Shhwonk Fortress and I take on Quiz 65 with the Quiz Thwomp and then I go down below to get the stone keys but not without...
2018-07-06 8:00:13 AM ● 17 views ● 19:23 100.00% liked
Wario Land Shake It [Part 30] Haunted Treasure Chests!
Today I take on the last secret level in this Wario Land Shake it playthrough! The level is called Boogie Mansion It's in area 5 known as Quiver...
2018-07-05 8:00:00 AM ● 28 views ● 16:16 100.00% liked
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door [Part 4] Prickly Enemy Danger
Today in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, I enter the town called Petalburg where I go see their mayor and he tells me to go look for some...
2018-07-04 8:00:05 AM ● 23 views ● 17:01 100.00% liked
Wario Land Shake It [Part 29] Rolling Snowball Fun!
Today I take on the secret level Freezing Fields where I become a rolling snowball and it looks like fun and it's another snow level just like...
2018-07-03 8:00:03 AM ● 28 views ● 15:56 100.00% liked