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About The Musical Ghost

Hey! I'm that ghost who makes music, mostly Electro Swing remixes of video game sound tracks.

I'm no professional producer or anything, I'm just some 19 year-old college student who likes to make remixes, play video games, and other stuff.

If you want to use my audio, you may do so, just don't forget to give credit. It is not necessary to contact me in my e-mail to ask permission. Although if you would use it in an animation, game, etc., tell me, because I might be interested to check it out :D

All of my songs are downloadable for free! Also, feel free to request songs in the comment section.


Programs that I use:

Audio - FL Studio 12.5.1
Visuals - Adobe Photoshop
Video Effects - Adobe After Effects

Cover art by: KozmoS
Profile art by: Burfabutt

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Deltarune - Rude Buster [Electro House Remix]
This is it. I've finally made a Deltarune remix. The OSTs are just soooooo good! Thank you so much, Toby Fox. I tried to make a funky remix of...
2018-11-13 8:26:12 AM ● 16,269 views ● 4:01 99.59% liked
Deltarune (2018)
Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Layton's Theme [Electro Swing]
Happy Halloween, friends! I asked recommendations from you guys, and this is one of the highly upvoted song. I did a couple of experimentation...
2018-10-31 2:46:28 AM ● 17,086 views ● 3:52 99.83% liked
I have returned
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Twitter:
2018-10-29 8:07:33 AM ● 10,278 views ● 0:22 99.90% liked
Test hardcore song
Hello. I found this video while I was cleaning my folders. This was a thing I did back in April 2018. I just wanna share it with you guys. :)...
2018-09-17 8:13:43 AM ● 44 views ● 0:49 100.00% liked
Overwatch | Battle Mercy Montage
I swear I'm making music! Please don't hunt me down with pitchforks. Music: Thomas Vent - One Day Live Your Life - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
2018-09-17 12:50:11 AM ● 3,863 views ● 2:01 97.46% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Sonic Mania - Stardust Speedway [Future Bass Remix]
Ya boi's back at it again with the music thing. I've been listening to a lot of future bass lately, and I asked the Twitter people what remix...
2018-07-22 5:49:04 AM ● 71,246 views ● 3:15 99.32% liked
Instrumental | Devilman no Uta - Main Theme [Ethnic Electronica Remix]
Check out the original on SquigglyDigg's channel: Hi! I've been meaning to release thing song a long...
2018-05-28 10:00:10 PM ● 34,609 views ● 3:30 98.84% liked
Update + Some stuff [READ DESCRIPTION]
Hello! I have returned again! I don't know how many times I've said that, but I really feel sorry for every time I go on without uploading stuff...
2018-05-13 8:12:06 AM ● 12,243 views ● 1:01 99.48% liked
Original Mix | Ghost - Stranger Love [Future Bass]
So... I've been listening to a lot of Ujico's songs lately, and I've been inspired to make a song with their style. I hope you like it. :) Art...
2018-04-01 1:40:57 AM ● 74,143 views ● 2:07 99.20% liked
A Hat in Time - She Came From Outer Space [Electro Swing Remix]
The remix is finally out! It took a while to get things done, though. And yes, this song came from the stream I did a month ago. Hope you like...
2018-03-31 12:02:22 AM ● 111,852 views ● 2:48 99.32% liked