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Jade the Kobold is an American content creator on YouTube with over 2.53 thousand subscribers. He published 878 videos which altogether total more than 155.26 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@JadetheKobold

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2024-02-24【Blossom】 A new classic adventure! - Lets Play with Jade the Kobold Vtuber0:000Let's Play
2024-02-24【Vtuber】 Channel update, Goals, and Destiny (not the game)1:58:0244Let's Play
2024-02-21【Triangle Strategy 】Saving our people {Finalé}5:21:0826Triangle Strategy
2024-02-20【Vtuber D&D 5e】 I think we're gods now???3:47:1774
2024-02-18【Triangle Strategy 】Dire Changes {Chapter XVI}3:40:4846Triangle Strategy
2024-02-17【PF2E】 Friends and Foes3:18:3141
2024-02-15Family get-togethers after coming out as trans0:171,065Let's Play
2024-02-14Your Vtuber Valentine~0:25181
2024-02-14【🎲Chat🎲】 Lets chat about TTRPG game systems!3:04:4871Let's Play
2024-02-13【Monster Hunter: World】 A Light in the Darkness - Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:07:2542Let's PlayMonster Hunter: World
2024-02-11【Triangle Strategy 】In the thick of it {Chapter XIV}4:29:5728Triangle Strategy
2024-02-10【Dungeon Stalkers】 Until servers go down - Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:29:3565Let's Play
2024-02-09【Monster Hunter: World】 Hunting with friens!~ {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}2:46:2839Let's PlayMonster Hunter: World
2024-02-07【Banners of Ruin】 Quip - Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:12:4758Let's PlayBanners of Ruin
2024-02-06Do you want them alphabetically or chronologically #vtuber0:151,063
2024-02-06Las Vegas Dennys is not great ok?2:0837
2024-02-06Salt Lamps 【Triangle Strategy Ch. XIII】 Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:44:0157Triangle Strategy
2024-02-04【Triangle Strategy 】Growing together {Chapter XI}3:26:0316Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-02-03【PF2E】 The most dangerous combat: Social3:16:1133
2024-02-02【Monster Hunter: Rise】 Hunting Solo~ {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}3:38:5791Let's PlayMonster Hunter Rise
2024-02-02【Transfemme Radio】 - Jade the Kobold Vtuber0:222,541
2024-01-31【Mario+Rabbids 2: Sparks of Hope】 Where did the rabbit go for a trim?3:28:0559Let's Play
2024-01-30【Triangle Strategy 】Salt and Shakers {Chapter X}1:54:4025Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-01-28【Triangle Strategy 】Dwindling Light {Chapter 9}2:24:5533Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-01-27【Monster Hunter: World】🐣 Guiding a new player~ 🐣 {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}5:39:10101Let's PlayMonster Hunter: World
2024-01-26【Triangle Strategy 】Allies, strong and weak {Chapter 8}2:20:0417Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-01-24【Triangle Strategy 】Banners and Loyalty {Chapter 7}3:40:3740Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-01-16【Triangle Strategy 】Fire and Anger {Chapter 6}2:16:4938Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-01-14【Vtuber】 Just chillin'2:15:0384Let's Play
2024-01-09Out Desert Paradise~ 【Vtuber D&D 5e】1:57:3155
2024-01-07【Triangle Strategy 】 A war of words {Chapter 5 starts}1:59:5150Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2024-01-06【PF2E】Imagine four birds at the edge of a cliff...4:30:2438
2023-12-27【Triangle Strategy 】 Intrigue-ing {Chapter 4 starts}1:22:1568Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2023-12-26【DS2 challenge run】 Christmas Day Finalé! - Part 72:45:5252
2023-12-24【Triangle Strategy 】 Surprisingly Insightful {Chapter 3 starts}1:53:5591Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2023-12-20【Triangle Strategy 】 Decisions Define Destiny | Tactical RPG Adventure2:57:2146Let's PlayTriangle Strategy
2023-12-19【DS2 challenge run】 Finalé!? - Part 72:56:1127
2023-12-16【Lies of P】 Firelink Hotel33:3541
2023-12-15【Kaichu】 Monsters can smooch!???2:10:4885Let's PlayKaichu - The Kaiju Dating Sim
2023-12-13【Turnip boy commits Tax evasion】 Cwime!!2:19:0035Let's PlayTurnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
2023-12-12Getting out of trouble! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】2:13:5643
2023-12-10【Evoland 2】 Finalé probably! | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure2:33:3936Evoland
2023-12-09【Backpack Hero】 Just chillin'3:15:2060Let's PlayBackpack Hero
2023-12-06【Evoland 2】 Going to space! (probably) | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:55:1648Evoland
2023-12-05【DS2 challenge run】That Bloody Shrine Sequence - Part 63:46:5244
2023-12-02【Lies of P】 A Dark Bloodborne-like Adventure | Kobold VTuber Explores46:5156
2023-12-02Of Crows and Ruins 【PF2E】3:44:0722
2023-11-30Folgers Holidays commercials memes0:352,157
2023-11-29【Evoland 2】 Suplexing Nerds | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:31:1829Evoland
2023-11-28Getting in trouble! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:22:1143
2023-11-26【Evoland 2】 Sass-mode Engage | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:19:4044Evoland
2023-11-25【Powerwash Simulator】 Cleaning our sins away4:48:5580Let's PlayPowerWash Simulator
2023-11-22【Evoland 2】 Reliving Gaming HIstory | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:17:1454Evoland
2023-11-21【DS2】Popping off - Part 64:28:2829
2023-11-19【Evoland】 Exploring Gaming Evolution | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:37:20106Evoland
2023-11-18Silver and Inky Secrets 【PF2E】3:51:2726
2023-11-16【outtake】 Cat Moment0:25115
2023-11-15【Cobalt Core】 Koboldcore2:25:5381Let's PlayCobalt
2023-11-14It's coarse, and it gets everywhere 【Vtuber D&D 5e】2:16:4237
2023-11-12The Fleshmancer's Layer! 【Sea of Stars】 with Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:13:1945Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-11-11Chattin with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:19:0243Let's Play
2023-11-08Conkhunting! 【Sea of Stars】 with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:50:0212Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-11-07【DS2】Terrible mistakes - Part53:27:3232
2023-11-05Puzzlesolving! 【Sea of Stars】 with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:17:3232Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-11-04The Secrets of the Grippli 【PF2E】2:18:2431
2023-11-01【Enigmatis】Unraveling the Haunting Mysteries | A Kobold VTuber's Horror Adventure2:33:5033Let's PlayEnigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
2023-10-31Hunting a mystery! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:44:4932
2023-10-29What does the future hold? 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:50:2830Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-28My Treasures | Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:55:1751Let's Play
2023-10-25Moving on... 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:14:1520Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-24【DS2】Impossible power - Part44:09:0453
2023-10-22To any length. 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:02:5525Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-21Meeting the Grippli 【PF2E】2:23:3726
2023-10-18Adventure~ 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:32:0427Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-17Cleaning up this town! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:35:1698
2023-10-15【Sea of Stars】 Changing our Fates | with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:27:3723Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-14【P.T.】I am a scared little kobold2:33:40161Let's PlayP.T.
2023-10-11【Sea of Stars】 Journeying across the world with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:41:5027Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-10【DS2】Huntsbro's Copse | Part 43:33:0153
2023-10-08【Sea of Stars】 Return of the Dweller - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:27:3015Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-07Journey to the Great Tree 【PF2E】3:45:3933
2023-10-04【Sea of Stars】 Plantfighter - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:42:5324Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-03Making a name for ourselves! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:32:1234
2023-10-01【Sea of Stars】 Pi-radical - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:38:0836Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-09-30【DS2】Wharfly! - Part33:47:1846
2023-09-27【Sea of Stars】 Masters of Time - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:22:3445Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-09-26【DS2 Challenge】 IGN Challenge (Part 2)3:56:1764Dark Souls II
2023-09-24【DnD】 - Smash or Pass!1:57:46167DiscussionThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-09-23【Sea of Stars】 A retro gaming RPG! - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:27:4752Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-09-20【EarthBound 】 Stars among men | Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:15:1529Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-19【Vtuber D&D 5e】 This house is safe3:08:0073
2023-09-17【EarthBound 】 Looking for places | Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:03:1628Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-15【PF2E】My players made it rain... | Pathfinder Tabletop RPG2:37:2244
2023-09-15Vtuber Voice Acting Practice3:1681
2023-09-12【EarthBound 】I don't even know anymore... | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:04:2240Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-11【DS2 Challenge】 We have to follow the IGN guide as our ruleset. #collab2:13:47108GuideDark Souls II
2023-09-10They're called PILLBUGS #bugs #vtuber #shorts0:121,433
2023-09-09【EarthBound 】Pokey is just the worst! | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:44:1562Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-08【Pseudoregalia】 Exploring the world of yesterday! | With Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:19:3542