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Who am I? I am the one and only SWAGTUT!!! :DDD

I play lots of Fortnite, Overwatch and other games! :D

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Fortnite Avalanche and Escape the Dream Creative Game Modes + Flapjackie Back in Item Shop Today!
🐵 Today I will be trying to play some of the creative maps such as the Avalanche map, and also Escape the Dream map and trying to complete...
2019-01-21 6:16:15 PM ● 302 views ● 2:25:06 98.33% liked
Fortnite (2017)
*NEW* Ice Storm Ice Legion Challenges + New Ice Queen/ Scythe Pickaxe in item Shop Today (Fortnite)
🐵 Ice Storm Challenges are now out lets start destroying the ice fiends, ice brutes, and ice legion after the Season 7 Live event finished!...
2019-01-20 5:19:58 PM ● 272 views ● 2:12:43 100.00% liked
*NEW* Fortnite Season 7 LIVE Event Countdown Happening Right Now! + Ice Kings Ice Storm Incoming!?
🐵 Fortnite Live Countdown! If you didn't already know today is the day of the season 7 LIVE EVENT! The time of the event will be at about...
2019-01-19 2:35:51 PM ● 1,518 views ● 2:41:22 99.13% liked
Ice King Live Event Fortnite Cinematic Replay! Ice Sphere Is Gone Ice Fiends/ Ice Legion are Here!
This is just an edit of some footage I recorded while in the replay feature of Fortnite! I recorded and edited the live Ice King event from today...
2019-01-19 2:33:30 PM ● 527 views ● 7:40 97.92% liked
*NEW* Fortnite Season 7 LIVE Event Countdown TV Weather Warnings!?! + Ice Storm Snow Fall Incoming!?
🐵 The weather warnings have turned into countdowns on the TVs in Fortnite. We will be watching the ice ball live while we countdown the hours...
2019-01-18 8:23:15 PM ● 3,891 views ● 3:15:57 93.28% liked
NEW Week 7 Challenges All Expedition Outposts + Ice Ball Ice Storm Event SOON!? (Fortnite Gameplay)
🐵 New week 7 challenges are out we will be completing all the challenges including finding all the expedition outposts. The Ice King is also...
2019-01-17 6:38:50 PM ● 311 views ● 2:23:09 97.37% liked
NEW Item Shop in Fortnite Featuring Ice Storm Leaked Skins!  + Ice Ball Fortnite LIVE Event Gameplay
🐵 New item shop in Fortnite today featuring skins from the Ice Storm/ Ice Ball live event! Currently the Verge Skin is in the shop but soon...
2019-01-16 8:36:10 PM ● 548 views ● 2:46:54 96.67% liked
Ice Ball at Polar Peak and Iceberg is Cracking LIVE Event! + Glider Redeploy Back (Patch 7.20)
🐵 Epic has released an update patch v7.20 for Fortnite today. The update includes many things such as bringing Glider Redeploy back, a new...
2019-01-15 9:19:54 PM ● 1,400 views ● 2:46:09 95.52% liked
NEW Scoped Revolver Gameplay Victory! Polar Peak LIVE Event First Look?! (Fortnite Patch 7.20)
🐵 New Scoped revolver Gameplay! Today Epic released a patch update v7.20 with many new items and game changes. the biggest additions are the...
2019-01-15 12:06:03 PM ● 315 views ● 16:14 92.68% liked
Fortnite (2017)
*NEW* Scoped Revolver in Fortnite Soon! + One Shot LTM (Fortnite Gameplay)
🐵 New Scoped revolver in fortnite soon! They will also be adding glider redeploy as well but as a usable item. Today we will play some solos...
2019-01-14 8:56:11 PM ● 723 views ● 2:06:37 94.74% liked
Fortnite (2017)