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PepegaWarlord - xQc Clips is an Indonesian content creator on YouTube with around 19.8 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling roughly 33.26 million views views across at least 1.38 thousand videos.

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About PepegaWarlord - xQc Clips

This Channel is a Fan Channel about xQc that Im gonna post some Pog clips or when I found it out funny and wanted to share with you guys. Also by this channel I can give some new updates by the clips that you guys might be missing from xQc's livestream, so dont mind if you guys wanted to share some of good clips, I'll give credits to your name on description on every video you guys give too :)

Hope you guys like the clips, nor its funny or Pog moments of his Gaming Warlord-Mode, and I'll be gladful if you guys like my videos and feel helped from it. So dont mind to subscribe my Channel to shows some support, its mean alot to me, also like the video if you guys like it so I can give more video about some of these related-clips, and comment to interact with me or giving some advice to what can I do for improving the video quality. Much Love❤

If you are the original content creator and want me to delete my video, you can contact me through my e-mail:

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