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Yo! Welcome to my channel - my name's Chief Pat, and I'm a mobile gamer that specializes in Clash Royale & all different type of mobile games. I try to post a video every day, so why not hit that subscribe button and stay up to date with my dank videos?

Clash Royale Content:
- Challenge Gameplay
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- New Cards
- Best Decks
- Deck Guides
- New Updates
- Xbow/Mortar Hatred


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Clash Royale - QUAD SPELL GRAVEYARD! Meta = Broken
The Graveyard meta has been constantly evolving in Clash Royale, and the newest iteration of the meta is a quadruple spell version! Let's try...
2018-08-15 2:58:57 PM ● 43,038 views ● 17:04 96.53% liked
Clash Royale - MEGA KNIGHT MADNESS! Splash Killer
One card that's fallen through the cracks in Clash Royale is the Mega Knight - let's bring him out today! The Mega Knight is great counter to...
2018-08-14 3:56:41 PM ● 51,566 views ● 12:27 96.51% liked
Clash Royale - CANNON CART = BUSTED! Strong Ladder Deck
The Cannon Cart received a TON of love in the new Clash Royale set of balancing changes, and we'll be putting them to work today! Let's whip...
2018-08-13 3:38:50 PM ● 47,104 views ● 14:29 98.01% liked
Clash Royale - ROYAL PIGS OP! New Amazing Deck
WE'RE BACK! Let's drop into some more Clash Royale by opening our league chest, talking about where we've been, and showing off an amazing new...
2018-08-10 6:52:43 PM ● 53,905 views ● 12:43 97.13% liked
We don't use SMGs often in PUBG Mobile, but let's break them out today and try to dominate - check it out. Enjoy! - STREAM -
2018-08-06 2:32:29 PM ● 6,901 views ● 12:19 94.39% liked
THIS MEANS WAR! Insane Headshots // PUBG Mobile
Let's drop into the newest update in PUBG Mobile, checking out the spanking new war mode in the game! War is ridiculously fun with crazy action...
2018-07-31 4:38:15 PM ● 11,952 views ● 11:51 94.16% liked
This deck is super, super sick inside of Clash Royale - and it is the highest winning 12 win deck in the game! Let's bounce into it and show...
2018-07-30 4:01:13 PM ● 51,843 views ● 12:26 97.12% liked
Clash Royale - PIGLETS EVERYWHERE! Off-Meta Madness
We're whipping out the Royal Hogs in Clash Royale in a quirky, yet effective deck! Check out a couple of sweaty battles against some strong opponents....
2018-07-28 9:00:01 AM ● 26,969 views ● 12:13 96.13% liked
Clash Royale - THE PUSH BEGINS! Ladder Domination
We're going to be pushing super aggressively in Clash Royale over the next few days, and let's abuse the royal recruits to make our way up the...
2018-07-27 9:00:01 AM ● 48,850 views ● 12:11 97.63% liked
Clash Royale - MY FAVORITE DECK! 12 Win Run
I found this deck recently inside of Clash Royale, and it's maybe my favorite deck in the game right now for pushing & dominating in challenges....
2018-07-26 11:59:15 AM ● 27,033 views ● 15:34 96.19% liked