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About Anamana!

Hey Folks, Anamana here! I'm a guide creator and streamer for Role Playing Games and Online Co-op Game.

Games I've covered in the past include: Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Octopath Traveler. I try to release a new video each day, covering topics outside of purely cutting edge gameplay. The beginner and veteran will both find useful content on this channel!

I try to stream multiplayer games when I find the time, this is the best way to join in the action with any game I cover!

When it comes to playing online, I like to restrict it to streams only. I tend to be an online hermit. Not being rude, it's just my playstyle.

Thanks to 7Soul for their 98 Pixel Art RPG Icons, found on the following website:

MCN Scouts: I'm not interested in signing up to a multi channel network, emails go straight to my spam folder. Don't waste your time.

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Final Fantasy XV - March 2019 Update / FFXV Ver 1.29 + Comrades 1.30
The FFXV March update is finally hear. This is Ver 1.29 and Comrades 1.30. Episode Ardyn is here and this patch gets the game ready for it! We...
2019-03-26 5:25:39 AM ● 3,191 views ● 5:59 98.95% liked
Final Fantasy XV
FFXV Comrades - Kenny Crow Boss Fight / Feathered Foe / An Inspector Caws
Here's the entirety of the Kenny Crow boss fight. The quest Feathered Foe or An Inspector Caws requires you to beat all prior boss battles to...
2019-03-24 10:56:03 PM ● 3,090 views ● 8:41 98.67% liked
FFXV Comrades - Kenny Crow Update / Ver 1.30 Details
The 1.30 update coming out on March 26th of 2019 is the last update patch for FFXV Comrades. This will add Kenny Crow as a boss battle. Will...
2019-03-24 6:17:47 AM ● 1,638 views ● 4:27 98.31% liked
Final Fantasy XV
Destiny 2 - Power Surge Bounties / Get 640 Gear Rewards!
With Season 6 of Destiny 2, Bungie have added Power Surge bounties, which reward 640 Light Level gear rewards. These will get you back into the...
2019-03-10 12:43:05 AM ● 3,012 views ● 6:16 91.49% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
FFXV Comrades - Weapon Build Tool / Sodasip's Weapon Comrade Windows App
We can make weapon builds for FFXV Comrades and share them with friends with this Windows app! Thanks to Sodasip's Weapon Comrade, we can now...
2019-03-04 3:23:45 AM ● 768 views ● 8:13 96.49% liked
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn DLC Gameplay Official Trailer #1 & #2
Episode Ardyn, the DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be out on the 26th of March, 2019! These are the two official gameplay trailer for the content!...
2019-02-18 3:36:06 AM ● 1,838 views ● 3:44 96.30% liked
Final Fantasy XV
Resident Evil 2 -  Ghost Survivors & '98 Costumes
Well, the Resident Evil The Ghost Survivors free DLC is here, along with downloadable '98 Costumes that imitate the original game. Here's how...
2019-02-15 8:22:00 PM ● 400 views ● 4:28 78.57% liked
🔰 God Eater 3 - 10 Tips & Tricks for Beginner's Guide
With God Eater 3 out, it's time for a new Beginner's guide to help newcomers out with those needed starter tips & tricks. These will help...
2019-02-12 2:45:09 PM ● 5,907 views ● 10:55 95.73% liked
God Eater 3
Monster Hunter: World - The Witcher 3 Crossover Event, Leshen Monster, Igni Sign, Nekker Monster
The Witcher 3 Crossover Event for Monster Hunter World is here. We get a new Leshen monster, some Witcher style questing and even the Igni Sign!...
2019-02-08 4:01:23 PM ● 917 views ● 8:18 81.82% liked
Resident Evil 3 - Remake Development Rumors
The Resident Evil 3 Remake development has yet to be confirmed. The RE2 Remake has been fulfilled? Are the Evil VR leaks for RE3 legit? Let's...
2019-02-06 4:51:58 AM ● 1,525 views ● 5:17 96.30% liked