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About Anamana!

Hey Folks, Anamana here! I'm a guide creator and streamer for Role Playing Games and Online Co-op Game.

Games I've covered in the past include: Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Octopath Traveler. I try to release a new video each day, covering topics outside of purely cutting edge gameplay. The beginner and veteran will both find useful content on this channel!

I try to stream multiplayer games when I find the time, this is the best way to join in the action with any game I cover!

When it comes to playing online, I like to restrict it to streams only. I tend to be an online hermit. Not being rude, it's just my playstyle.

Thanks to 7Soul for their 98 Pixel Art RPG Icons, found on the following website:

MCN Scouts: I'm not interested in signing up to a multi channel network, emails go straight to my spam folder. Don't waste your time.

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Monster Hunter: World - The Witcher 3 Crossover Event, Leshen Monster, Igni Sign, Nekker Monster
The Witcher 3 Crossover Event for Monster Hunter World is here. We get a new Leshen monster, some Witcher style questing and even the Igni Sign!...
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Resident Evil 3 - Remake Development Rumors
The Resident Evil 3 Remake development has yet to be confirmed. The RE2 Remake has been fulfilled? Are the Evil VR leaks for RE3 legit? Let's...
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Phantasy Star for Switch - Beginner's Guide / SEGA Ages Mode
The SEGA Ages version of Phantasy Star for Nintendo Switch is finally here. This Beginner's Guide offers Tips and Tricks on how to get started....
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Resident Evil 2 - Signal Modulator / How to use the Signal Modulator
Finding out how to use the Signal Modulator in the RE2 Remake confused me at first. But, this tip guide will help you tune in the right signal...
2019-02-01 7:01:44 AM ● 1,760 views ● 3:23 84.62% liked
Resident Evil 2 - Free DLC / The Ghost Survivors
Yesterday Capcom announced 3 FREE DLC Episodes for Resident Evil 2. The Ghost Survivors: 'No Time to Mourn' with Robert Kendo, 'Runaway' with...
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Resident Evil 2 - Safe Codes / Safe Combinations & Dial Lock Codes
Need some Safe Combinations to get some great weapon upgrades? This guides has all of the Safe Codes you need to access the contents of the Safe...
2019-01-28 4:21:50 AM ● 767 views ● 2:43 88.24% liked
Resident Evil 2 - Locker Codes / Lock Combinations
Need Locker Codes to unlock the padlocks on lockers? Here are the combos and combinations for the Police Station and Sewer lockers. Things I...
2019-01-28 4:11:26 AM ● 236 views ● 3:35 71.43% liked
Resident Evil 2 - Weapons Locker Key Card & Missing Terminal Keys in Safety Deposit Room
Need that Weapons Locker Key Card? Searching for the Missing Locker Terminal Keys? The Safety Deposit room has a Hip Pouch, and some neat items....
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Anthem - Javelin Abilities Guide / Primers, Detonators & Combos
Each Javelin in Anthem has a widely different set of abilities. Furthermore, every ability has different attributes like Primer or Detonator,...
2019-01-25 4:29:24 AM ● 466 views ● 19:18 85.71% liked
Anthem - Which JAVELIN Should You Pick? Strengths, Weaknesses & Gear
Let's look into each of the Javelins, all their abilities and ultimates. So, which Javelin should you pick? This video goes over their playstyles,...
2019-01-23 2:50:04 PM ● 815 views ● 13:17 91.67% liked