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About TeeniePikachu89

Heyy Poke Pal's
it's me TeeniePikachu89 here. You can just call me Teenie OR Pikachu. Either one is my rl nickname.

Here's a lil bout me:

I'm 32 yrs old. Been gaming since I was a kid. I'm also disabled.

So in my free time/hobby is basically playin video game's. I like to capture random, funny, and or special moments in them. Be it a glitch, Easter egg or a climatic scene etc. I do sometimes upload videos of friends & my brother gameplay(RLT Boogie){check out his YT channel and also his Facebook/Instagram for some hyped future content🎤🎶} Been playing a lot of Apex Legends & Mass LE lately so will upload gameplay of it.

I will try to upload every so often so stay tuned for more videos from me. I do upload videos from my Xbone(so sry if my content isn't good, I try my best to bring good videos)

If you do enjoy my content feel free to👍or comment. Subscribe🛎 to see more future videos.

Thx & Enjoy!!
HAVE Electrifying Day!!


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