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Welcome to NicktendoNetwork! This channel is filled with Nintendo content. Whether it be Nintendo Switch game reviews, hot topics regarding Nintendo, or any other related nintendo topic, this channel produces the highest quality videos regarding Nintendo!

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Nintendo Franchises That NEED To Be Revived
➤With the recent rumors about a dead and buried franchise being revived for the Switch, I thought it would be fitting to make a list of 4 franchises/spinoffs...
2019-02-24 6:38:24 PM ● 142 views ● 12:10 100.00% liked
EVIDENCE That Suggest Smash MIGHT Have A Story Mode. #smash #spiritsmode #adventuremode
➤I'm going to be the first reasonable guy in this community to discuss this matter. I'm not biased either way so I'll be giving you evidence...
2018-08-14 2:39:32 PM ● 139 views ● 9:31 100.00% liked
What the Mystery Mode in Smash Ultimate ACTUALLY is  Hint: It's NOT Story Mode
➤People pissed me off with their wrong assumptions so here's me proving why the new game mode is NOT a story mode ➤ Join my discord plz
2018-08-08 9:41:18 PM ● 563 views ● 14:18 48.57% liked
Diablo on The Switch?! No Nintendo Switch 2.0 Confirmed Nintendo Weekly Wrapup 3.05.18
➤Is Diablo coming to the Switch? Also Kirby Star Allies has a demo, Nintendo confirms that there is no Switch 2.0 in the foreseeable future,...
2018-03-05 3:58:38 PM ● 131 views ● 5:31 100.00% liked
Diablo (1996)
Luigi's Balloon World Is ADDICTING - Luigi's Balloon World First Impressions and Review
How Addicting is Luigi's Balloon World? Well I'll tell you in this First Impressions/ Review of Luigi's Balloon World. Click here to subscribe...
2018-03-02 1:00:04 PM ● 143 views ● 4:13 100.00% liked
Smash Coming To The Switch!? New Kirby Star Allies Gameplay! Nintendo Weekly Wrapup 2.26.18
Is Smash 4 being ported to the Switch?? Also new Kirby Star Allies gameplay, Nintendo in big trouble with the EU regarding pre orders, and more...
2018-02-27 2:10:41 PM ● 558 views ● 6:53 100.00% liked
Splatoon 2 Starter Edition News! Hat In Time Not On Switch Comfirmed: Nintendo Weekly Wrapup 2.17.18
Splatoon 2 Starter Edition Just Got Announced with Peal and Marina Amiibos Coming Along The Way. Also Shaq Fu The Legend Returns Coming To The...
2018-02-17 9:14:15 PM ● 568 views ● 10:32 100.00% liked
Kirby: Star Allies - New Abilities, Characters, and Minigames Revealed
Nintendo just realised the japanese website LOADED with information regarding the newest installment of Kirby’s adventure. Check it out here!...
2018-02-14 7:34:03 PM ● 1,793 views ● 8:04 100.00% liked
Today I will be showing you how to get all 7 chaos emeralds easily once you initially beat the game. Think there is an even quicker way of collecting...
2018-02-09 3:36:46 PM ● 45 views ● 3:17 100.00% liked
CRASH BANDICOOT COMING TO THE SWITCH!?? Nintendo Weekly Wrapup 2/09/2018
Is Crash Bandicoot coming to a Nintendo Console?! Also Sonic and Allstars Racing may be coming out with another sequel. That and more news on...
2018-02-08 5:49:16 PM ● 101 views ● 5:52 100.00% liked