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Max Horror is a YouTube content creator with around 22.9 thousand subscribers. His content totals around 6.47 million views views across roughly 2.57 thousand videos.

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-11-09Terminal Error | Demo Gameplay16:51120Let's Play
2023-11-09DEFACED | Demo Gameplay16:21174Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-10-31Motel Massacre | Gameplay4:53517Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-10-30Staircase55 | Demo Gameplay9:46605Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-10-29Beyond Hanwell | Demo Gameplay33:43679Let's PlayAmnesia: The Dark Descent
2023-10-27Who Are You! | Demo Gameplay15:29454Let's Play
2023-10-26Pret - An Indian Folklore | Gameplay2:55383Let's Play
2023-10-26Last Night Shift | Demo Gameplay6:59595Let's Play
2023-10-25The Stalked | Demo Gameplay16:38513Let's Play
2023-10-25KARMA | Gameplay9:25480Let's Play
2023-10-25HomeSick | Gameplay7:25582Let's Play
2023-10-24One Eyed Likho | Demo Gameplay16:29264Let's Play
2023-10-24Decimate Drive | Demo Gameplay7:231,287Let's Play
2023-10-23Point Click Killer | Gameplay5:52847Let's Play
2023-10-22Paul's Lost Remains | Gameplay6:03490Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-10-19Doppelganger | Gameplay11:37557Let's Play
2023-10-18The Lab Thing | Demo Gameplay6:461,042Let's Play
2023-10-186Knives Episode 1 | Gameplay8:35297Show
2023-10-17HADES ZERO | Demo Gameplay8:21447Let's Play
2023-10-15Last Lesson | Gameplay39:20451Let's PlayAmnesia: The Dark Descent
2023-10-15Computer Man | Gameplay6:09456Let's PlayFive Nights at Freddy's
2023-10-15Invader: The Door | Gameplay2:04356Let's Play
2023-10-12Hollow Cocoon | Demo Gameplay15:30534Let's Play
2023-10-11The Nightmare Escape | Demo Gameplay10:33775Let's Play
2023-10-10Paranormal Records | Demo Gameplay16:07429Let's PlaySoma
2023-10-09Outlive | Demo Gameplay13:51734Let's PlayAmnesia: The Dark Descent
2023-10-08The Lacerator | Demo Gameplay10:24490Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-10-08Snowmen | Demo Gameplay6:10437Let's Play
2023-10-07Hope is Gone | Demo Gameplay18:45529Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-10-07Shadows of Deceit | Demo Gameplay21:36797Let's PlayLayers of Fear
2023-10-06Jurnal Malam Best Friend | Demo Gameplay7:19504Let's Play
2023-10-05The Lost Fear | Gameplay13:29720Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-10-05Rusty Barrel | Gameplay9:21441Let's Play
2023-10-04Boil Noodles at Night | Gameplay9:16670Let's Play
2023-10-02Massacre After Midnight | Gameplay7:30494Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-10-02Something in the well | Gameplay6:57317Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-09-30The Black Within | Demo Gameplay15:47647Let's Play
2023-09-29The Night of the Inquisitor | Demo Gameplay10:53410Let's PlayMinecraft
2023-09-28The Harvest | Gameplay6:54392Let's Play
2023-09-28Hijacker's Bunker | Gameplay10:23426Let's Play
2023-09-27Out of Gas | Gameplay6:41524Let's Play
2023-09-26Above the Hill | Demo Gameplay7:46655Let's Play
2023-09-25Corrupted Arcade | Gameplay7:51534Let's Play
2023-09-25Allfactorious | Gameplay8:02418Let's Play
2023-09-25Too late to play | Gameplay7:51589Let's Play
2023-09-23Max Horror Scene #40:29492
2023-09-23Lorraine | Gameplay18:24626Let's PlayThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2023-09-21Darkness | Gameplay12:35655Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-09-20Portrait | Gameplay12:58477Let's Play
2023-09-20Haunted Hotel | Gameplay5:15465Let's Play
2023-09-18Radiant Decay | Gameplay15:45490Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-09-17The Smiling Man: Remake | Gameplay18:031,107Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-09-14Ratribution | Gameplay16:221,270Let's PlayCry of Fear
2023-09-13Mr. Lupin | Gameplay10:32548Let's Play
2023-09-12Max Horror Scene #30:22852
2023-09-12Contorted | Demo Gameplay10:19821Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-09-11Project Amber | Gameplay11:03540Let's Play
2023-09-10Martha's Dolls | Demo Gameplay7:17923Let's Play
2023-09-09Tenebris Somnia | Demo Gameplay15:01893Let's Play
2023-09-07FINAL CHOICE | Gameplay6:47558Let's PlayLayers of Fear
2023-09-06SCP 106's ROOM | Gameplay3:47594Let's Play
2023-09-05APARTAMENT 1406 | Gameplay26:25846Let's PlayAmnesia: The Dark Descent
2023-09-03Max Horror Scene #20:171,341
2023-09-02The Theater Remake | Gameplay2:13587Let's Play
2023-08-29Desolation : Chapter 1 | Gameplay11:55642Let's Play
2023-08-28HeldFromLife | Demo Gameplay9:17359Let's Play
2023-08-26Schizophrenic | Gameplay4:37518Let's Play
2023-08-25Darkness Road | Demo Gameplay30:49617Let's Play
2023-08-23Asylum | Gameplay4:15465Let's Play
2023-08-22Mutantity | Demo Gameplay7:41651Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-08-21Max Horror Scene #10:21519
2023-08-20The King in the shades | Demo Gameplay11:58444Let's Play
2023-08-17The Veil Of The Lost | Gameplay4:56561Let's Play
2023-08-16Stalls of Dread | Gameplay5:06487Let's Play
2023-08-16The Mysterious Door | Trailer0:49552Preview
2023-08-14Cave Of Evil | Demo Gameplay11:22584Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-08-14Dark Stories: The Workshop | Gameplay7:20384Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-08-13Night People | Gameplay11:43716Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-08-12Ergophobia - Advert | Gameplay7:47455Let's Play
2023-08-11Beware of Klaus | Gameplay7:04591Let's PlaySlender: The Eight Pages
2023-08-09Reaping Sins | Gameplay4:52757Let's Play
2023-08-08Escape: Left to Die | Gameplay5:27578Let's Play
2023-08-08MORIBUND | Early Demo Gameplay4:51826Let's Play
2023-08-07The Sleep Experiment | Demo Gameplay10:09593Let's Play
2023-08-04The Duck Psychology | Demo Gameplay4:24458Vlog
2023-08-03The Hostel Night Terrors | Demo Gameplay12:24659Let's Play
2023-08-02Null Reference | Gameplay4:18408Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-07-31Home Alone | Gameplay5:50828Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-07-29Flock | Gameplay9:45590Let's PlayThe Flock
2023-07-28Hidden Effigies | Gameplay8:27592Let's Play
2023-07-27Sweet Dreams | Demo Gameplay7:17803Let's Play
2023-07-25Lucy | Gameplay10:421,160Let's PlayEmily Wants to Play Too
2023-07-24Something in the woods | Gameplay5:071,148Let's Play
2023-07-22Vultures - Scavengers of Death | Gameplay12:40793Let's PlayScavengers
2023-07-21Mom's Tent | Gameplay5:25501Let's PlaySilent Hill
2023-07-20Shadows of Timidity | Gameplay6:041,109Let's PlaySlender: The Arrival
2023-07-18Pre-Record | Gameplay3:38846Let's Play
2023-07-15Ergophobia - Broadcast | Gameplay6:06661Let's Play
2023-07-12Deprived | Demo Gameplay16:45843Let's Play
2023-07-12Quick Stop | Gameplay2:43603Let's Play