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About Your Friendly Neighbourhood Newb

Hey there Neighbour,

I am an Australian Gaymer who just wants to sit back, sip a nice cup of tea and pretend there are no bodies hidden in the basement... Look, I will tell you what I told the police, sit down and everything will become clear... Now there are even more bodies in my basement.

Some would define me as weird, whacky, and completely off my rocker... I would just say that I enjoy being silly and not taking life too seriously. I want to have a nice, LGBTQI safe environment where we respect others and try not to be a dick, bullying is discouraged and every now and then there will be a bad joke that no one will laugh at... But we will not point and laugh, shaming them for their lack of comedic skill!

I love to play MMORPGs and RPGs and often stream games such as FPS games, Minecraft, Among Us, and the occasional moment of me discussing the ins and outs of a funnel cake...
Sit back, relax, and...
Welcome to the Neighbourhood.

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