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This channel is focused on 4k HDR TVs, Soundbars, Monitors, Projectors, video settings for gaming and movies. If you are in the market for a 4k HDR TV this channel is for you.
Thank you and welcome to the family..
I also have a second channel in spanish Ultra Digital, for my spanish community.

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Whats in my Cave Joelsters Cave
Hello Guys, Joelster here, so if you want to be featured here in the channel here are the instructions. -Name, Location, occupation. -Upload...
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Portable IPS HDR Freesync Display for Xbox one by UPerfect
This is the UPerfect portable IPS 2k HDR display that you can connect your Xbox one, PS4, Laptop or use it as a secondary PC monitor, this is...
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Hyper X Cloud Alpha The Best Gaming Headsets under $100
So this is the Hyper X Cloud Alpha Headphones review by Joelster, I have been using this headphones for Gaming and editing my videos and I love...
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Let's Play
Weekends with Joelster: INSANE Prices for 2018 4k HDR TVs Sony/ LG/ Vizio/ TCL
If you have been waiting for deals on a 2018 4k HDR TV, right now is a great opportunity, LG B8 Oled for $1000 dlls, Sony X900F for $850 dlls.,...
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Playing Anthem with Game Motion Plus on the Samsung Q7FN
This is Anthem on the Xbox one X and Samsung Q7FN 4k HDR Quantum Dot TV, the TV has an exclusive feature called game motion plus which allows...
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Best TV Ambient light on Amazon
LED TV Backlights, Govee WiFi TV Backlights Kit with Camera, TV Led Strip Lights Compatible with Alexa, APP Control Music Led Strip Lights, TV...
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Exclusive Features you should know about Samsung TVs
In this video we are checking features that you should know about Samsung TVs from 2018 and 2019, Ambient mode, Screen mirror, different sound...
2019-02-19 4:50:10 PM ● 2,411 views ● 13:13 96.39% liked
Dirty Screen Effect TEST on the Samsung Q7FN and KS8500
This is the Samsung Q7FN 4k HDR TV testing Dirty Screen Effect (DSE), also the Samsung KS8500 4k HDR. Your support is very important, please...
2019-02-18 8:34:32 PM ● 3,047 views ● 9:51 90.38% liked
Metro Exodus LOOKS INSANE on the Xbox one X and Samsung QLED TV
So this is Metro Exodus playing in 4k HDR on the Xbox one X and the Samsung Q7FN 4k HDR Quantum Dot TV, I am sharing my personal settings for...
2019-02-16 5:48:12 PM ● 5,153 views ● 11:55 95.00% liked
What we can expect from TCL this 2019
This 2019 TCL is bringing new Soundbars, new 4K and 8K Quantum Dot TVs, even headphones. Also the 6-Series is getting a 75" size with features...
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