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Welcome! My name is Ashlie and here i'll be playing games! You'll find a little of everything here! Hope you enjoy and have an amazing day :)

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THE BOOTY BOOPER - Dead By Daylight
Probably one of the weirdest videos i've ever recorded? I'm not entirely sure why this turned out like this but hopefully y'all enjoy it lol...
2018-09-16 5:30:00 PM ● 5,685 views ● 13:39 99.69% liked
SACRIFICES FOR LOVE - Gmod Murder w/Friends
Ashlie is getting back on schedule! Promise! It's been a real weird week but finally getting myself situated and ready to work (: ➵LIKE, COMMENT,...
2018-09-15 5:30:02 PM ● 3,413 views ● 18:06 99.51% liked
THE BETRAYAL - Minecraft Bed Wars
Honestly, I feel betrayed by the conversation Uni tried to have with me. Nothing is a secret in this friendship lol. Also, excuse the sappy moment...
2018-09-12 5:30:02 PM ● 4,399 views ● 23:50 98.97% liked
Minecraft (2011)
Whoever this Billy was...I have some words ➵LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! ♦️Don't Forget To Hit The Notification Bell So You Won't Miss A Video!...
2018-09-09 7:18:56 PM ● 7,802 views ● 17:02 99.74% liked
I'M BAAAAACCKKKKK - Gmod Melon Bomber
I'm so sorry for not posting in a week! I got real bad food poisoning and was lying in bed dying for a while. I'm back and at it though! Thanks...
2018-09-08 5:30:02 PM ● 5,896 views ● 16:12 99.82% liked
This is long soul is free ➵LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! ♦️Don't Forget To Hit The Notification Bell So You Won't Miss A Video!...
2018-09-02 9:48:15 PM ● 10,156 views ● 19:41 99.54% liked
THIS IS REALLY WEIRD? - Gmod Murder w/ Friends
at this point...are any of our videos really normal? I feel like we're falling off the wagon lol ➵LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! ♦️Don't Forget...
2018-09-01 8:23:23 PM ● 7,900 views ● 18:24 99.25% liked
HJACLS - Minecraft Murder Mystery
we've found the new nnob. We bring you today....HJACLS Only the finest content for you guys ➵LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! ♦️Don't Forget To...
2018-08-30 7:26:54 PM ● 5,880 views ● 21:08 99.80% liked
Minecraft (2011)
GET REKT SCRUB - Uno w/Friends
It actually didn't hit me both times how lucky I got at this game. RIP my JonJon ➵LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! ♦️Don't Forget To Hit The Notification...
2018-08-29 7:20:15 PM ● 6,141 views ● 20:03 99.81% liked
LOCKER STRATS - Dead By Daylight
Sorry this is so late! Had so much to do today and Ashlie is not good at time management as well lol. Hope y'all enjoy anyways! ➵LIKE, COMMENT,...
2018-08-26 11:54:55 PM ● 8,440 views ● 20:09 99.87% liked