Kami Clips [HololiveEN Clips] - 神クリップ

Kami Clips [HololiveEN Clips] - 神クリップ


Kami Clips [HololiveEN Clips] - 神クリップ is an Australian YouTube content creator with approximately 37.3 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling roughly 26.32 million views views across approximately 1.11 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@kamiclips

About Kami Clips [HololiveEN Clips] - 神クリップ

Howdy, I'm Kami Clips and I make the BEST Hololive English and HOLOSTARS-EN clips on YouTube (1000+ clips and counting!).

I upload lots of heavily-edited, funny HololiveEN clips every week (some with timestamps)! I especially love making 'Best Moments' clips of big occasions. These clips include HololiveEN's Anniversary, Birthday and Holiday specials, debut streams and outfit reveals. You'll also see clips of collabs and random solo streams! I even make clips of Hololive's 'Chad Cast' and 'SNOT'!

At the end of every week, I upload a HololiveEN 'Weekly Recap' video. At the start of every month, I upload a 'Monthly Recap' which covers dozens of streams from the past month.

Feel free to make (respectful) reaction videos of my clips! Otherwise, you don't have permission to use my channel name or content in anything else. 🤠

🟡If you're a VTuber, I'll make you a short clip for free (to put on your own channel)! Just DM me on Twitter :)
🟣Business inquiries: hololiveclipsedits@gmail.com

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