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Relocation Football League

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United States

Relocation Football League is an American content creator on YouTube with more than 12.5 thousand subscribers. He published roughly 2.93 thousand videos which altogether total approximately 1.72 million views.

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About Relocation Football League

The RFL is a Madden Simulation League created with 32 relocation teams established in 2016. We have re-created a full 32 team league using 2 different franchise files we call the NRC and the ARC conferences. Our league consists of coaches that manage teams, community members that can submit a player of their own to play in College & be drafted, 6+ years of league history. Each time a new Madden title comes out we recreate every player on every team while carrying age, contracts and everything else with them. We take simulation football seriously and make things as immersive as possible so that our viewers can have an amazing experience at the games & with the great people of our community. We could go on and on about what we offer on this channel but nothing will describe it quite like experiencing it yourself & joining this growing community! So hit that subscribe button and make sure RFL YT notifications are turned on! Welcome to the RFL #LeagueFirst

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