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We are Kids v Dad // Loser Andy and this channel is all about beating Dad // Loser Andy at any game we can find.

We play Nintendo Switch games, NES games, Roblox, Minecraft, and Mobile Games. We are not about being the best at gaming, Dad // Loser Andy is rubbish obvs , we're about playing games and having fun together. We hope you have fun watching our videos.

All videos on Kids v Dad // Loser Andy are age-appropriate; No "18" rated content or language. Enjoy!

To Play with #TEAMKVD on the Nintendo Switch add us to your friend list our friend code is : SW-7745-0412-5611

We usually Livestream on Weekdays at 7pm(GMT). Join us on Discord to keep updated and always know when we are about to stream or launch a vid!

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Mario Tenis Aces Technical Peach! 🔴Live
Playing you guys online where we can only pick the technical character Peach Can we win! Or will we get owned! Come and join in and have fun...
2018-07-17 1:23:44 PM ● 23 views ● 34:26 100.00% liked
Mario Tenis Aces Defensive Waluigi Madness!
Playing Mario Tenis Aces with you guys online and we can only pick the defensive character Waluigi Can we win! Or will we get owned! Come and...
2018-07-16 1:28:44 PM ● 11 views ● 23:29 100.00% liked
and FAILING AT FORTNITE! With you guys! On the Switch!
So Andy is trying to git gud at fortnite. Live with you guys! How badly could this go. He's only played it 3 times! I think that says it all....
2018-07-10 1:21:26 PM ● 31 views ● 34:49 100.00% liked
Fortnite (2017)
IS BOWSER JR THE BEST!?!?! Mario Tennis Aces!
So everyone seems to be using Bowser JR in Mario Tennis Aces, but is he the best player?! Let's find out together! Give us your opinion! Come...
2018-07-09 1:21:09 PM ● 28 views ● 39:03 66.67% liked
Mario Tennis Aces! Adventure Mode!
Our first go at Adventure mode and we thought we'd do it live to show you how not to play, like always. Also, we'll be playing Mario Tennis Aces...
2018-07-06 12:59:30 PM ● 36 views ● 34:07 100.00% liked
Mario Tennis Aces! Playing Doubles Online!
Playing Mario Tennis Aces online with you guys! It's our first play of doubles ever and we thought we'd do it live to show you how not to play...
2018-07-02 1:31:33 PM ● 53 views ● 44:17 100.00% liked
If Rocket League had VAR?!?!
It's Rocket League time! So the world cup has VAR and we thought it would be cool if Rocket league had it too. You can challenge your opponent...
2018-06-29 1:02:58 PM ● 18 views ● 15:51 100.00% liked
Pokemon Quest! Trying to complete World 2! (aND fAILing)
Its Pokemon Quest time! So in the last Live Stream, we complete World 1! Can we complete the World 2 in this stream! Also some updates on what...
2018-06-26 1:40:16 PM ● 44 views ● 56:41 100.00% liked
Wheel of death! Behind the scenes of Can we answer it?
So for our up and coming series "Can we answer it" we had to come up with a way of randomly picking one of the kids to play against...
2018-06-20 9:00:11 AM ● 40 views ● 1:27 100.00% liked
Jurassic World DLC Out Now! Rocket League! On the Switch!
The Jurassic World Car Pack DLC now available on all platforms and features new items that will remind everyone in the arena of when dinosaurs...
2018-06-18 4:36:19 PM ● 22 views ● 2:57 100.00% liked