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About NinjaNike

I am a straightforward YouTuber and gamer who likes to make gameplay videos for the benefit of others, guitar covers, and have previously had a past of ASMR videos.
Some things to know about me:
- I never stop at anything to achieve my goals.
- I do Team Fortress 2, Dead By Daylight, and guitar content.
- I hope to be big on YouTube one day, and hope that many will see what I can do and also enjoy it.
- I am a big fan of Team Fortress 2, and am a very avid supporter of the community as well as other TF2 content creators.
- I am a Spy main, and have been playing TF2 since 2010. My hours are nearly at 4000.

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Team Fortress 2
[SFM Intro] Check Yes, TF2
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"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World but it's played in an empty Walmart at 3 am
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