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About NinjaNike

I am a straightforward YouTuber and gamer who likes to make gameplay videos for the benefit of others, guitar covers, and have previously had a past of ASMR videos.
Some things to know about me:
- I never stop at anything to achieve my goals.
- I do Team Fortress 2, Dead By Daylight, and guitar content.
- I hope to be big on YouTube one day, and hope that many will see what I can do and also enjoy it.
- I am a big fan of Team Fortress 2, and am a very avid supporter of the community as well as other TF2 content creators.
- I am a Spy main, and have been playing TF2 since 2010. My hours are nearly at 4000.

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Superman vs. Captain Atom (With Healthbars)
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The Galacticas - Diagnostics [GUITAR COVER]
One of the best easycore songs I've ever heard, arguably the best. Full explanation of the incredible Canadian band and how I discovered them...
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Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue [GUITAR COVER]
A song from 2003, "Ocean Avenue" is a pop punk classic and regarded by many as the best pop punk song of all time. Go to any site,...
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Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider - Who Wins?
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Welcome to my Channel!
Hey newcomers :), and welcome to my channel! If you're new here, then watch this short video in its entirety to get a feel for what I'm about...
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One Punch Man vs. Cosmic Armor Superman - Who Wins?
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