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About Mechawreck

Hey there, I am Mechawreck, A guy who plays TF2 too much. I make videos about the Engineer class in TF2, Some informal, Some not. A have a few series that you can watch as well, like "Mercenary of the Month!" Where I show off some content creators that deserve more attention here in the TF2 community, or "Wanna use the ___?" Where I give a brief description of a specific item, Mainly Engineer items.

Either way, Hope you enjoy what I got going, See you on the other side of that Teleporter, Have a good one!

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The End for the Mining Man.. For Now
I gotta take a break, or its the end of me. I hope you guys will understand.
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TF2: Limited Resources Engineer Challenge!
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time for a smashing engagement.
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TF2: Merasmus Mania
Scream Fortress came early, with it also came loads of wizards. My Discord!: Summewave was here:
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Mechawreck Channel Trailer
welcome to engineer My Discord!:
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The Problem with Maining a Class in TF2
The best solution to isolated choices is to be more open to variety. My Discord!:
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Casual vs Community TF2 Servers
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My TF2 Loadouts 2019
Things change in 365 days, same goes with how I spend my money. My Discord!:
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The Insanity of TF2 Community Servers
They say TF2 is dead? Here's the defibrillator. My Discord!: Music Used: Super Mario Advance: Overworld - GBA Super...
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Scams to Avoid on Smissmas
Ok, this is the last video with the old PC, I swear. My Discord!:
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