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Joe’s Super Fantabulous PC Gaming Channel: Joe plays PC games...lots of PC games, and shares gaming tips he's learned. The one word that describes this channel best is "random". This especially applies to the in-game conversations...

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Joe answers a call for help - 1
I heard a call for help, and I'm on it! I can’t be everywhere at once, but if I actually hear the call…and I’m not busy gaming, eating...
2018-12-16 9:08:54 PM ● 112 views ● 0:53 92.31% liked
Let's Play
Joe's VLOG: Moving In
It took a while to get a new place to live. I'm finally about to move in.
2018-12-15 8:35:42 AM ● 108 views ● 3:22 72.73% liked
SWTOR: Unlocking Emotes for Cartel Coins
SWTOR has been adding more emotes and I'm trying to unlock them all. OCD Triggered.... Get all my announcements via Twitter:
2018-12-12 6:00:00 PM ● 125 views ● 14:51 84.62% liked
Goat Simulator: Oceanside Animal Attacks
My goat is out for blood. Get all my announcements via Twitter: Want to see more of my stuff? Come read my...
2018-12-08 6:00:01 PM ● 39 views ● 1:00:27 100.00% liked
StarCraft: The Hammer Falls
It seems our illustrious leader is not quite the benevolent soul we thought he was. It’s too late for the Confederacy but there is still time...
2018-12-01 6:00:01 PM ● 35 views ● 2:10:39
StarCraft (1998)
StarCraft: The Big Push
It’s time to punch through to Tarsonis itself. Onward to victory! Get all my announcements via Twitter: Want...
2018-11-24 5:00:01 PM ● 30 views ● 1:37:08 80.00% liked
StarCraft (1998)
BDO: The Secret of Padix Island
I decided to go to sea to explore an island and see if I could uncover its secrets.... Get all my announcements via Twitter:
2018-11-21 6:00:03 PM ● 7 views ● 55:16
StarCraft: The Trump Card
The Confederacy likes playing with the Zerg so we’re going to help them attract some more green friends. Get all my announcements via Twitter:...
2018-11-20 9:20:50 PM ● 37 views ● 1:07:15 50.00% liked
StarCraft (1998)
Joe's VLOG: Life and Video Games
I'm reflecting on the games I haven't been playing. I'm in the process of moving, but after that is over I plan to take more time to play more...
2018-11-17 9:02:46 AM ● 82 views ● 35:35 72.73% liked
Snow the Wonder Cat Show, Episode 16, Diablo Immortal
The next Diablo title has been announced and it was met with the opposite of enthusiasm. Snow the Wonder Cat Show
2018-11-06 4:22:01 PM ● 35 views ● 16:16 71.43% liked