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Hey guys I am Stephen or SteSto!

I am a musician and artist. I love anime and manga and especially the music!

This channel is for my covers of Anime OST's (Original Soundtracks) and for my anime/manga drawing videos.

I hope you like all of the videos I upload and leave comment, like my videos and also subscribe! If you like my videos that is ;)

Well thanks again everyone :)


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Hi guys new piano cover. The awesome title music from the PS4 game Blue Reflection. The name of the piece is also BLUE REFLECTION. Such a nice...
2017-11-12 9:54:01 AM ● 2,918 views ● 3:15 98.92% liked
Hi guys been a while since I've done a MIDI cover. So this is my MIDI cover of The Palace Entrance OST from the game Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist...
2017-09-23 11:59:07 AM ● 217 views ● 2:39 100.00% liked
Hi guys this is my cover of Life Will Change from the game Persona 5. This is one of my all time favourite game series. I love the Persona series...
2017-08-27 10:57:27 AM ● 704 views ● 2:33 100.00% liked
Persona 5
Persona 5 (2016)
Hi guys this is my cover of War: The White Weapon from Final Fantasy Type-0. I love this game and loved this soundtrack from it. Hope you enjoy...
2017-08-27 9:46:24 AM ● 162 views ● 3:24 100.00% liked
Hi guys this is a redo of one of my previous covers which I've wanted to redo for ages! This is the song Alchemy by Girls Dead Monster. This...
2016-12-05 1:27:20 PM ● 333 views ● 4:15 100.00% liked
Hey guys this is another cover! This is the opening song, F.A.T.E. -Intense Remix- by Ahkihiro Namba X Takeshi Ueda, to God Eater 2 Rage Burst....
2016-12-04 11:51:55 AM ● 1,976 views ● 3:13 97.44% liked
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2016-08-13 10:35:51 AM ● 271 views ● 7:04 100.00% liked
Hey guys this is another cover! This one is the awesome Main Theme/Title music to the great PS3 game, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3....
2016-06-19 10:08:35 AM ● 3,266 views ● 1:32 100.00% liked
Been a while! Another guitar cover from me! This one is the beautiful OST, "Fonte" from the beautiful anime "A Lull In The Sea"...
2016-05-02 8:04:46 AM ● 2,508 views ● 2:54 100.00% liked
Hey guys this is a new drum cover. This is She's My Winona from the band Fall Out Boy. More anime covers are to come but thought i'd try something...
2015-06-17 2:56:27 PM ● 387 views ● 3:52 100.00% liked